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Awesome Dream

So I had this awesome twilight dream. It was really interesting that i figured i should probably share it. So it started out simple. i was lost in the forest screaming for an angel. i dont have any clue why i wanted an angel but i did. anyways, i was screaming when i slammed myself too my knees and cried. i closed my eyes and squeezed them shut. when i opened my eyes i was my bathroom rinsing off my face with some water. when i looked up i noticed something black on my shoulder.



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wolf vs vampire

Now we all know what a vampire is and a werewolf is. We all know they are in the supernatural and are somewhat myths. They make excellent stories and subjects. and they are both creatures of the night. Now my question is which one brings greater pleasure too peoples minds, the vampire or the werewolf? I guess I should start off with the wolfs. they are strong. they are powerful. they are huge and as have been said immature. but alot of the times immature rocks because it helps us laugh, it…


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Watching it all Burn

Watching it all Burn,- Dedicated too Jane Volturi,

She sits in her corner,

Singing herself too sleep,

Wrapper in all of the promises that no one seemes too keep,

Too consumed in this mascarre,

She no longer cries too herself, No more tears too wash away,

Just miles of empty pages,

Feelings gone astray,

But she will sing, Til everything burns,

While everyone…


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