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Squeak and Giggles-first day of school- appomattox chaos

Giggle box! little Squeakerz called too her bestfriend in the whole world as they both entered the school cafeteria. it was the first day of school and both of them were very excited too see one another. Giggles is sixteen with beautiful caramel skin and the long braids all down her back. She is very kinetic like squeak and loves her music. Squeak is seventeen with shoulder length hair and pale skin. Her main thing in life is her art and of course her bestfriend giggles.

Where have…


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I ran. I'de been bitten by a vampyre. Not a kind vampyre neither. he tricked me, he made me think he loved me then tried too kill me. another vampyre saved me. he sucked the venom out of my blood but i could still feel the leftovers of burning inside my body. i was running, i was screaming his name. the name of my wolf. it wasnt long before i could hear the howls of his pack.

this vampyre hunted for sport and had a grudge wit the wolfs for centurys. especially my wolf. he had chosen…


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