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Rest in Peace: Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett


Okay, most of you don't know Farrah Fawcett. She was a beautiful actress. She's most known for her role in the Tv show, Charlie's Angels. A few years ago, Farrah was diagnosed with cancer. 3 days ago, he long-time boyfriend proposed to her for the second time & she accepted (she didn't want to marry him originally because of the cancer). Yesterday, at age 62, Farrah Fawcett passed away. Let's remember this blond beauty for… Continue

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My thoughts on picking teams.

Team Jacob or Team Edward seem to be the most asked question on here.

Girls are feuding over teams in blogs everyday. I get standing up for your side & all... but when you're arguing over who's hotter? Now, I think that's slightly pathetic. Why are you thinking on only the physical aspect? Sure, in the movie, I personally think Rob is hotter, but in the book, Jake has this thing about him. He's sweet, funny, random & adventurous. I'm not on team Jacob, but I do understand… Continue

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You all have to check this out!

I was Cullen-ized! Join the group @

All you have to do is join the group, based here at the Twilight Saga, & add the picture you want Cullen-ized!

It's so cool! Now, I'm a… Continue

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Kristen gets a MULLET!!!

Ewwww... Yeah, it's for real...

(More pics...

Not every movie star has to compete with her costar for best hair. We hardly remember to look at "Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart when lush-locked Robert Pattinson is anywhere near.

But this new Stewart 'do seems like a serious fashion don't. The kinder posts have likened the style to Joan… Continue

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Help guys!!!

Okay, so I'm making a playlist for my wedding. I've got 91 songs on there already. It's a beach wedding & I need some more beachy songs. Can you guys help me out? Here's the playlist. If you can check out the songs & then tell me what to add, that would be great! Thanks guys!!!!…

Get a playlist!

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Bella & Jake?

Here's Jacob's plea to Bella through a song by Prince.

The Beautiful Ones:

Baby, baby, baby

What's it gonna be?

Baby, baby, baby

Is it him?

Or is it me?

Dont make me waste my time.

Dont make me lose my mind baby...

Baby, baby,… Continue

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