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breaking dawn relese dates

ok all my fallowers i've just looked up the dates breaking dawn will be out in theathers but the dates look mested up so comment on them and tell me what you think ok her are the dates.part 1 comes out november 18 2011,part 2 comes out november 16 2011 and why would part 2 come out before the 1 but correct me if im wrong thanks bye.

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offical pics from breaking dawn

just to inform you guys that i got some reall pics off breaking dawn .cheak them out as my profile  pic to see them. and boy are they sweet…


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happy in love

i read in magazine that kristin stwert and robert patterson are happy in love finaly and did you know that rob is some how related to the real life dracula so in the real world he is a hot vamp .

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go twilight

anyone who likes twilight movies and the books i heard that stefine myers is not going to write any more books becuse one of her relitves said the books are geting stuiped . now i say no they entertain me and a lot of you guys and i want to find out more of what happens to bella, edward next.

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team edward rocks

i love twilight i all was want to be filled in seeing photos and dets about edward and bella . kristen stwert lost the ring that edward propesd to her with so they have to change the ring in the movie.

Added by jessica porsh on September 15, 2010 at 11:38pm — 1 Comment

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