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Eclipse Clip of Edward and Jacob!

there is like a 38 sec. vid of when edward threatens jacob after jacob kisses her! u have got to check it out!!!!!!!!

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twilight: meaning of the characters' names

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen
Wealthy guardian Highly praiseworthy Worker in stone Handsome

Jacob Black
Supplanter Dark
*supplanter- to take the place of (another), as through force, scheming, strategy, or the like.

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OME! movie stills!

OME! Just found all of these on TwiFans, and holy crow! so much violence on the first one!…


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OMG Midnight Sun!

i just found this on!

Twilighters, you did it! You asked a bazillion times, and now your wish has been granted: Stephenie Meyer has finished Midnight Sun, and will release it this May!

The book is the retelling of Twilight from Edward's golden eyes. So, basically, the most beautiful book ever. And one we're sure to get lost in.

"I've always wanted to finish this book, and the fans have been so great, I knew I had to… Continue

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Rob pattinson! this is soooooo important!

i just found this on

Should Rob Shave His Beard?!

Robert Pattinson is the world most famous vampire, but these days, he's looking more like a werewolf!

If you saw Rob at last Friday's Hope for Haiti Telethon, you may have noticed he had a little more scruff than usual. He wears it well, but some fans are none too pleased!

Some Twihards have actually been petitioning Rob to shave his beard, because they are… Continue

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NM poem

i had to write this for english but i thought u might like it. it is about volterra. hope u like it!


volturi,law, volterra
and that is my poem plz comment!

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what team are you?

Ok so there has been a debate about who's on what team. There is one team that is not often mentioned and i would like to introduce it to you... It is Team Switzerland.or as most call it team bella.

personally i am a team edward but for those of you having a hard time deciding why not go with both!

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how r they gonna do it?!

I have often wondered how they are gonna do BD as a movie. What do you all think it will be like? It will def. be hard because they have to make K-stew really pregnant. The other question... who will play Renesmee? Plz Comment

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Hey everyone! I just uploaded some great pics on my profile. comment and tell me what you think! thanks

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