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Chapter 1

It always amazes me how much young people take advantage of their life and the way it continues to change and slip through their hands. I wish I was as fortunate... Instead I sit here staring out the window of this old dusty diner. Reading the most current teen gossip magazine. Feeling so irritated. I dont know why I keep coming back here if all it ever does is make me more depressed. For some reason every Monday I dragged myself here and wasted a good…


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Chapter 19

There was a long pause. We all had plenty of things to talk about, but yet none of us spoke. I figured Edward would break the ice. He was good at that. But nope. Not even he would dare test his self control any further. So it was going to be like this huh? They were going to force me to start this unusually weird, awkward conversation. Well might as well. "So we have a ton to talk about so I don't think it is a good idea to stand here in silence." I said with a hint of sarcasm. "I agree."… Continue

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Chapter 18

I could only imagine all the thoughts that were probably racing through his head right now. "Come in here Jacob I wont hurt you.... I promise. " Edward almost yelled. Then Jacob's heavy boots plopped across our wood floors. He had his hands in his pockets. His head hung from his shoulders. His eyes looked as if they had sunk into his head. He hates awkward situations. "Jacob straighten up before I reconsider my choice to let you live" Edward said. Why is it that Jacob decides to act idiotic at… Continue

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Chapter 17

When i got home Edward was watching tv. I didnt know how much investigating he had done to see where I was. He smelled Jacob probably all over me. I could smell it too it stunk horridly. He stood up and slid his hands into his pockets. He looked down disapprovingly. "Why" He said angrily. i didnt smell Renesmee she was most likely at the Cullen's. "He is hurting just as much as us Edward." I knew he wouldnt understand. "Then he should have thought about that before." I rubbed my forehead. "Did… Continue

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Chapter 16-

Then it was obvious. Jacob's sweet warm blood scent filled my glands. Then the lust for his blood turned into anger. Anger that he was running. Running He has always been so fearless around me. He always would laugh when I would try to attack him. I knew it was because our relationship once was so intimate. Now it was different. I could sense the fear. I stopped in the clearing of trees.Had I really chased around La Push. I hadn't been here in so long. The memories were hardly… Continue

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Chapter 15-

If I was human my stomach would have dropped in a situation like this. When the door swung open i could hear the hinges were groaning. I saw Billy's severely wrinkled face almost turn white. I could hear a change in his heartbeat when I froze in front of him. I had to practice not doing that. "Hi Bella...." His voice cracked with a hint of fear. I forgot that he hasnt seen me in a decade. And even then it was a glimpse from a distant. "Hey Billy!" I tried to make my voice as flawed as possible.… Continue

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Chapter 14- Fed up

I wasnt expecting Sam to let me off that easily. Come to think of it though it was probably just an excuse to get me away from his kids. I cant blame him though, at times i am a little uneasy about Nessie around a pack of wolves. I have gotten better though as she got older. Nessie has always been so ferless. I just assumed its because she grew up in a world of wearwolves and vampires. And now a wearwolf/human/vampire. Have Edward and I really created a more terrorfying world than before. Not… Continue

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CHapter 13

by this time Ive learned not to get my hopes up about anything. It was getting so hard now that Edward was on my side to not have hope. Jacob on the other hand was a hopless subject. He avoids all of our calls. Charlie says Billy hasnt seen him in weeks. I could tell Charlie was getting suspicious. I was guessing that Billy didnt know either. The pack surely knows. I expected Jacob to act this way. Jacob's imatureness wasnt gonna help us forgive him in the long run. If there even was a long… Continue

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Chapter 12-

Preparing myself for the worst,(I found myself doing that alot lately)I glanced up at my husband. He slowly pulled together a crooked smile. Which I didnt understand whatsoever. I must of looked amusingly confused. "Im sorry for keeping you on edge so much lately." He said shaking his head in self disapproval. I sighed in relif that he somewhat had considered my view of things. "Uh ya..." I said nodding. "By partialy i mean I agree that its less of a risk. I dont agree that we should just let… Continue

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Chapter 11- Partialy

Edward pretty much avoided contact with me for the rest of the night. It was strange to not feel love when he was around. I guess I never knew any better, but it hurt terribly. It wasnt often that I felt pain. This wasnt exactly physical, but close. I knew what I had to do though. Edward has always been wiser,smarter,older, and knew best. But He is also a father, and a protective one. And I knew better here. I knew that she could do this way better than I could. I understood her feelings. I… Continue

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Chapter 10-Operation Impossible

Nessie went bed after that she was so exausted lately(It was clearly obvious why). I did not even think about Edward. I paused before stepping into the bedroom bracing myself. Instead of facing him i flashed into the closet and shut the door and turned on the light. I could hear Edward sigh and it sounded like he shook his head. I stepped into my Japenese pajamas. It was only the second time i had worn them since I was married I had enough clothes to last forty people a lifetime. I paced around… Continue

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Chapter 9-Her Hidden Beauty

I took a deep breath. I didn't dread this part, but I didnt exactly look forward to it either. So I might as well begin. "Renesmae, you know I love you with all my heart, we all do." I said. She was facing the opposite direction as me. Her head was tilted to where the sunlight reflected off her shimmering skin. She turned to face me. "Mom, no one can understand the love I feel for....whatever this is that is inside of me." She said making hand gestures toward her stomach. "I felt the same exact… Continue

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Chapter 8-Insanity is Lovely

We sat on the bed. Well our third bed. Its a long story. "Edward, we have to do something." I began my attempts. "What is there to do my love?" Edward said sweetly and brushed his hand across mt jaw. He knew I couldnt resist him when he did that. Then my thinking was all screwed up. I was lost in him. Again. I shook my head and colsed my eyes. Snap out of it Bella. I thought to myself. I had to say this to myself often. "Edward lets leave!" I turned my body to face him. He laughed. "Yes lets… Continue

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Chapte7-Suicide Watch

I couldnt control these feelings. As I watched my one and only daughter break down on the ground I froze with terror.To end. Such simple words. Such simple meaning. What was after this life? I didnt care. These emotions were new,dark, and foreign. They didnt belong here. In me. They were flowing to every centimeter of my body. And they flowed into my complex,spacious brain. I didnt want them there. I didnt neccasarily not want them there. It didnt seem so terrible. To end. No suffering and no… Continue

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Chapter 6

It was an uncontrolable rush. I have been a vampire far long enough to learn to control myself, but this was a mixture of hate,anxiety,love,worry,emotion beyond any being's understanding. Growls ripped from deep in my chest. The kind you cant control. Jacob lifted one eyebrow and stared at me with a sort of amused expression. That certainly

made it worse. I took another deep breath and let my eyes roll into the back of my head. "Jacob there is something I have to tell you."Nessie softly… Continue

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Chapter 5-Calm Down

"What?!" Edward was racing around the room in a blur. "Dad, Dad calm down let me explain." Nessie shouted as she stood franticly. "Edward, stop please try to be mature about this." I had tried and failed to calm him down. "What were you thinking inviting that mongrel here at this time." Edward growled. "He is kind of the father..." Nessie said with an embarrased look on her precious face. "I dont even want to think of him like that. I want him dead!" Thes were the times when Edward use to scare… Continue

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Chapter 4

Nessie sat up straight and scooted back into the couch. "While you were gone I explained to Nessie my view on the situation." Carslile said as he sat down in the recliner in the far corner. "Great!" Edward shouted and rose from the couch. He was more irritated with the entire situation than any of us. "Dad, I love whatever this is inside of me just like mom loved me. I know none of us want this, but I just cant stand to let this go. I can only hope for you to understand." Nessie said as she… Continue

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Chapter 3

I was still in shock so Edward carried me. When we got there Nessie was asleep on the couch. Everytime I looked at her I couldnt help but remember the dreaded days of pregnancy. Carslile was in his office deeply comprehending the book he was reading. "Carslile?" Edward said as he knocked on the open door. "I have come to somewhat of a conclusion." Carslile said as he stood slowly from his desk. "Thats good that one of us did, Bella and I still disagree on the situation." Edward said as he let… Continue

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Chapter 2

I couldnt think straight,it reminded me of when I was a human. Before I knew it Nessies door was on the ground and I was standing over her like a monster. I caught myself and sat down on the corner of her bed. I didnt want to look at her, I couldnt look at her. I saw Edward in the corner controling himself. I was embarrased. Before I knew it our family was on our way to the cullens house. There were so many questions we all had for eachother, but none of us could talk. When we were there… Continue

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