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Jan 9 2010!

Today one of my best friends is over because my dad, her dad, and my other friend's dad are having a second release party for their band. They're an awesome band so you should visit their Youtube page, sonicmosaic! Please watch parts one, two, and three of their preperation and practice. If you don't like their music, don't say anything, okay? Because they sold a cd to someone in Denmark! They are awesome!!!!! Keep Twilight sagaing!!!!???

I also found pics of the cast (some of the twilight… Continue

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I just saw New Moon again and it was even better!!!!!!! I couldn't imagine that being possible!
I love the part where Jacob calls Mike a marshmellow!!! There are some PRETTY funny parts in New Moon. It was beyond my expectations, but they were growing to the sky. I guess they ended up on the moon, the NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sup to the peoples!

Sup! I'm just chillaxing w/ one of my best friends, talking about Twilight!

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New Dude!!

Ok yesterday i got a new J-14 magazine with awesome Twilight pics!
One of Kristen and Robert posing together, next one of Taylor Launter; and one of all the main Twilight characters( the cullens, bad vampires, werewolf jacob, and Bella)

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how could they?!

i just found a pic of Robert Rattinson( Edward), and Kristen Stewart( Bella) smoking like pot or something!!!!!

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I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe someone stole a rough draft of Stephenie Meyer's Midnight's Sun!!!!! Whoever did that should go to jail!!!! Thanks to them she's not gonna finish it!!!!!!!!!!! I was really looking foward to reading it!!!
I hope everyone agrees with me!!!!!!

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Double Trouble!!

I saw Twilight for the second time yesterday!!!
It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by the way twerds are twilight nerds!!!

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okay, if you read my latest blogs you know my dog got into a dead
bird head, my best was going to see Twilight again and she didn't!!
I'm actually going tomorrow, and so is my friend!!! We might go to the same theater!!!!:)
OMG She totally sat next to this guy we both like on his bus today!!
She rode another bus today and is going to again tomorrrow!!!!!!
So unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I, like, totally want to Twilight again, cause my BFF's going today!!
It's like so unfair!!!!!!!:(

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