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story good or bad tell me


It was March 24th of 1996 when a young girl was brutaly murdered by her stepfather .it was warm and bright outside when she had come home from school she was12 years old and in the 7th grade when she came home she sat down to do her home work her stepfather did not come homw till 6:00 her father was a man of many persanalitys and a that rarley used medication her mother died 2 years before of cancer and she was left with him aginst her will it was 5:00 1 hour before he came home she… Continue

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what you dont know about me! lol

hey anyone thats reading this if your my freind or not i really dont care your still on me page right? lol anyway i just want to tell you about me (that sound self centered) any way my name is lea (i can go by lilly ) ilove dogs no matter what my bf thoght about him (retared) i love to read and write i like to jog when im up to it i love rmb soul rock and pop i love micheal jackson dave cheppael jacob black edward cullen and of chorse all my bffs here and every were i live in houston I am 19 my… Continue

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hey whats up ! ...... hows it been .... im bored out of my mind ..... out ? no what am i doing....? nothing cry .cry lol ...(sigh) ... i was thinking about bloging about some fagets in a high school but thats just mean .... know matter how much i hate them ...... you know it really sad they really get the best of me .... you know what they did they toliet papered my car and sprayed it with water ... i guess that was pay back for some thing i was still wrong ...

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what would twilight be with out the romance?

twilight is a best seller all around it rocks it is the best book on earth it is the best vampire novel yet no one can beat the the twilight sereies and thats a fact no matter what you say only a idiot would say other wise but what would twilight be with out the romance vampire's and werewolf's or the action that keeps us hooked would twilight really be twilight? ugh! it sounds like a nightmare. please put your comment am i right or wrong?

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