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The Darkness Within - Chapter 3 - Can It Be Him?

I looked at his face in amazment. "Can it be him?" I kept saying to myself. Everyone said he was dead... but they didnt have a body. so it could be true. He just left out of the blue and never came back til now. "if its really you whydidn't you ever come back? why didnt you tell me what happened?" i said. "there was no possible way. I would have killed you in a heart beat." "I still love you but there was no way i could have seen you." "but Jahuel... you said u loved and then you just…


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Darkness Within - Chapter 2 - My Awakening

"What did you do to me?!" I shout in misery. "I changed you into a vampire." The beautiful man says. "You act like its a bad thing..." "Why did you do this to me?" I moan in ageny. "I needed someone to love..." As he looks down at his feet. iI knew on the inside it wouldnt be hard to love him hes gorgeous, but something about him looks very familiar. Ive seen him before but i just dont no where. "How can you think i will love you back after what u did to me? i dont think i could ever love u…


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The Darkness Within - Chapter 1 - The Bite

It was dark and I did know where I was or where I was going but I did know i had to get away before he found me. I'd been running for what seemed like forever but only had been 20 minutes. I didnt want to stop i knew he would eventually find me... I knew he could smell me and anything i touched. shhh i could hear his foot steps running behind me. He's catching up to me! all the sudden he tackles me and knocks me to the ground. His skin is ice cold and hard as rock. i couldnt move him no…


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