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The Re-Union Part 3

I can't tell you how happy those next couple of hours where for me, back with Edward, in his arms. I was giddy with joy and pleasure, and I was breathlessly happy. Edward completed me, we fit back together just like prom had only been a night ago, not years ago. I laughed, something I hadn't genuinely done in what felt like forever, but it was hard not to with Edward's incredible hands tickling me...."stop, stop, stop!" I squeeled, and Edward ended the play fight with a cold kiss on the cheek.… Continue

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The Re-Union: Part 2

"Edward...?" I repeated, still not sure if my eyes were deceiving me. I had gone a little crazy before with Edward hallucinations after he had I had good reason so question my sanity.

Still as Edward stood in front of me, there was no way he couldn't be real, he was even more breath-taking than my dreams had conjoured him and so much more dazzling that my memories had painted him. Despite this I desperately wanted to touch him, just to be sure...

I raised my hand to his face… Continue

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The Re-union

When I thought back to that night, as I often did late at night, I knew it had been the best nights of my life. I had experienced the full, explosive power of true love in one night and nothing could ever compare. I had known it then, but I didn’t think it would be so hard to live with.

A tear rolled down my cheek, as I lay in bed alone, thinking of my one night stand with Edward Cullen. That was all it was technically, just a one night stand, but it had been so much more than that.… Continue

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What would happen if Bella had got more of her way that first night when they were all alone...

I looked at Edward, sat gracefully on the edge of the bed, so perfect, I wanted everything about him, but I knew I had to control myself. Being here, alone with me wasn’t easy for him, or at least the for the vampire in him.

“What are you thinking” he asked, I realised I hadn’t taken my eyes off him all this time.

“You” I replied honestly… “I can’t believe you’re really here, in my room…and alone” I trailed off, not wanting to gush further.

He smiled mischievously back at me and… Continue

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Maybe if Edward was Evil....

His pale skin

Drew me in

His black eyes

Were my demise.

His impossible grace

And immaculate face,

That ice cold touch…

The lure was too much.

His power invisible,

He was irresistible

He drew me near,

Sensing my fear.

My breathing heavy,

My feet unsteady.

His skin, so invitingly smooth,

Yet I dared not move.

His lavender lips twitched

My body was bewitched,

My mind spellbound,

I… Continue

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