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Breaking Dawn part 2 was it worth all the time we waited for it to come out?

I don't know about you, but I liked Breaking Dawn part 2. I liked the fighting scene and how it wasn't real, but I wish they could make a spin off movie with Jacob and Renesme. Where Nessie has kids and there are some problems down the line and you can see Bella and Edward and the rest of the Cullens but not from Bella's point of view. …


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more cool pics

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Check out these new pics

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I hope

i hope that the last breaking dawn movie is great

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What if????????

Have you ever thought about what would would have happpened if twilight instead of being a movie it was a tv show. Who would play bella and edward? The other question is what would have happened if Taylor Lautner wasn't in the movie would the character Jacob still be as popular as he is now. Some people say they like the books better and that when they made the movie they left out some important facts that were…


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breaking dawn why????

Why does breaking dawn have to be the last in twilight series i was so mad when i finished the last page of breaking dawn. i think the Stephanie Meyer should write a spin off series with Nessie and  jacob and they have kids and a vampire or were-wolf comes after them and they need The Cullen's  and the were wolves to help them  fight and it would be good for both girls and guys because there would be action and romance and who wouldn't want to see more of Nessie and Jacob together they were…


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