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Broken Love------chapter 5

pov- Jenn


I felt unbarable pain as I was heading to my house. I felt like a complete idoit that Jeff could love me. The rain never quit, so I walked in it. I could smell everything but I ignored it.  I heard Jeff's vehicle pull along behind me at a slow pace to keep up with me. I never stopped to look at him. He honked his horn and I turned around on instinct. "WHAT!" I yelled at Jeff. He stoped and then turned his car off. I shook my head and walked away from him. "Hey,…


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Under the Invisible Moon

(WARNING: my story is covered by copyrighted law and by lawyers, anyone who tries in any way to steal my story, i will sue you)                                                                         



How I got this way is a just what I want to find out. I seem to feel like the same me but I just am a little different on the outside. I used to have a real dark brown color to my…


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Broken love ------chapter 4

pov- jeff


I was in a panicked state and I was in fear. There was a human in my house and I know her. Oh, burn me in hell and call me a southern fried chicken. Oh, I griped hard on Jen's arms and hoped that was enough to make her stay put. I was lousy when it came to responsibility but this is totally a different situation. Slowly I took my eyes off Jen just enough to tell Sara, the girl I was previously dating, that I would see her in the dinning room. I looked at Jen and her…


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Broken love-----chapter 3

pov- Jennifer

I could not belive what Jeff just said to me. Vampire? I at first did not belive what i was told until he told and showed me something that, to me, made my world spin in a different direction. "What, like, a real vampire? The kind that sucks blood and burns in the sun and all that crap?" He looks at me and giggles with delight as if I just made is day.…


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Broken Love ---- chapter 2

Pov- Jennifer

I was looking around trying to get my barings. All I saw was Jeff's room and wondered to my self how I got there. I looked to my left and Jeff was laying beside me and was a sleep. Suddenly I felt this pain shoot right down my throat. "What.. OH!! HELP ME ITS BURNS!!!!!" I screamed and that woke up Jeff. I threw my hands up to grip my throat, feeling something smooth and hard under my hands. I didn't have the time to think enough about that. I was trying to smother the…


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Dark Secrets in the forest- chapter 4

Pov-marys grandmother


"Geez, mar-mar, you think you put enough stuff in these boxes?" I look over to my granddaughter and she looks like she is in total shock, with her mouth hanging so far open you could probably fit the ocean in there. I laugh at her expression. I guess my daughter never told her about poor old  grandmas house. Still laughing at mar-mar i tell her the same thing i was told from my mother, "You know what they say about your mouth hanging down like that for…


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dark secerts in the forest- chapter 3

pov- mary


 Me and grandma was in the car on our way to her house and my new, unknown home also. I was not enjoying the ride because the farther i went in the car with grandma the farther i was from my mother. I was looking out the window when grandma told me if i could change the radio station. Knowing i would be in trouble if i didn't, i did what she told me to do and asked her, "yea, sure, grandma. Got a specific station you want?" Grandma thinks for a minute and tells me i…


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Devine poetry

breaking hearts

pain tearing me to parts

when will it end.


rain drops dropping

as my tear drops fall

pain will never go


when my life is over

i will always leave one thing behind

this one thing you never gave me

it is love and always love. 


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Dark Secrets in the forest- chapter 2

 pov- mary 

 Here was my last day in my home before i must leave it forever. I was in my mother's room and never left the bed. I couldn't  go to school today,  grandma understood me so she called the school to say I was sick and I was to remain here at home.  I heard my grandma shuffling some things in my room, when she called out to me and said,"Mar-mar, honey, I need your help packing your stuff in here. You know your room…


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Dark Secrets in the forest

  Chapter one:

prov- Mary parkinson

I can't believe that my mom is dead. I was staring right at her grave yelling at it and asking why she died and left me. I was expecting an awnser but deep down I knew…


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