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New Song

OK, so I wrote this song on Monday. I was noodling around on the guitar and found a really cool cord, built a progression, then started singing to it. The first four lines came pretty easily then I started crying. I really wasn't feeling sad at all until the song started happening, so I have no idea where it's coming from. I can hear an arrangement in my head with piano, strings, and a dreamy harmony.

If life is just a shadow show

Then what is real, I do…


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Silver Moon-Original Song Lyrics

Silver Moon on silent wings

Crosses over the magic stream.

Fallen angel softly sings

Of sweet surrender in my dreams.

Fairy tales come true here

Just knock three times on the wooden door.

If you are open you will not fear

When the one who answers you have known before.

Captive bird in an ivory cage

Sings so sweetly of a helpless rage.

All you fear is in your mind.

Just change your thinking, leave it all behind.

Love… Continue

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Midnight Sun-Original Song Lyrics

So I started writing this song in January when we got a few nights of a beautiful blue twilight with a sharp, crystal evening star (Venus). I was really entranced by Midnight Sun and the chapter where Edward falls in love with Bella while watching her sleep. I became posessed by writing the lyrics and getting them just right. I'm pretty proud of the song and will record it later and post it. Its got a folk feel to it.

Midnight Sun

In the deepening blue of Twilight

The… Continue

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Haunted by the Ghosts of Spring

So this is impossible to describe. But I will try because I am haunted by the spectre of Spring. Each day brings visible change. Each brush stroke of light breathes life into the landscape. Driving down the freeway and watching the trees fly by, I am continually amazed by patterns and colors that there are no words to describe. A tall cottonwood tree growing next to a field. You can see the grey structure of it, but it is veiled in spotted green. Big leaf maples that dot the hills are a… Continue

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The Opposite of Impressionism

A Spring tree is the opposite of an Impressionist painting. In looking at an Impressionist painting, when you walk up close, it becomes very abstract. When you step back, it comes together. Spring trees with their sprouting leaves from a distance become an abstract tangle of lines with a haze of dots, dashes, and splashes of green. Up close they reveal their structure. Newborn leaves hatch in orgami folds made by fairy fingers. Unfolding to their embryonic purpose like butterfly wings.… Continue

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Beauty in the Tiniest Things

Ok, so we went to visit some very close friends this past weekend. It was crazy, we flew to Orange County (OC) for a 50th birthday party. We were having a very intense conversation with our very good friend who lives in Sweden and is the principal of a school. We were discussing issues of homework and stress and our son. Anyway, a flitter caught my eye out the window of the hotel. It was a hummingbird that I thought was just coming to rest on a branch. I looked closer as it settled itself into… Continue

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Spring-Comes in like a Lion, goes out like a Lamb

I'm waiting for the Lamb to show it's face. It's cold and wet here in Oregon (surprise, surprise!), but I'm just getting tired of it. The trees know that Spring is here. Many trees still look like winter-bare branches silhouetted against a grey sky. Big blocks of sky are blocked by the evergreen of tall fir trees and cedars. Even with all the grey, there is so much green. But Spring is sneaking it's way into the scene. First come the snow drops who bloom white and nod their heads shyly. Then… Continue

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