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You and I: Chapter Five

I heared about this gifted family. Edward must have been the mind reader. He nodded to agree with me. Then there was his wife Bella, she was a shealed. He nodded again. Then there was their beautiful daughter, Renesmee. She could show her thoughts to others with a touch of her skin. Once more he nodded. I smiled proud that I figured it out.…


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You and I: Chapter Four

It felt good to run like a vampire should. The sents of the pine trees filled my lungs. My hair flowed in the light air. I wore skinny jeans with my favorite red tank top and a golden sweater to match my heels; thank goodness I'm not as clumsy as I was when I were a human.



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You and I: Chapter Three

Let me stop to tell you that sustaining the human race was the worse thing I've had to do but its what made me find him.


I kept my head down the first day but I can already tell people began to look at me. I guarded my breath till lunch. I…


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You and I: Chapter Two

"How long was I out for?" I notice his eyes were black that only met he was here long enough to become voracious.


"Longer then anyone Lucas has ever seen," he looked down a little disgruntled with himself. I remebered the fog that formed him…


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