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my little poem

I know I haven't introduced myself

And I hope that you don't mind

But I thought I'd do it right now

In a silly little rhyme

So yeah, you can call me Trixie…


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And then I met you.

I thought I was the only girl in class that rarely raised her hand. 

          And then we met each other.

I thought I was the only one that acted different everywhere I went.

          And then one became two.

I thought I was the only girl that nobody liked, yet everyone loved.

          And then you weren't the only.

I thought we were unique at something for once.

          And then we met her.

I thought we were beautiful were…


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Midnight.... Ch.4 Nightmare

It was finally June. Aro let me go wherever at this month. Every year I decided to go to Forks, Washington. Plenty of deer to kill, and if I’m lucky maybe even a mountain lion. My hair flew behind me as my legs moved faster above the thick grass. I brushed against a tree here and there, but it never slowed down my stride. I loved to run. I loved having the wind blow on my face. I loved being faster than wind.

            I jumped over a fallen tree quickly, returning to a fast stride…


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Midnight.... Ch.3 Vegan

Aro greeted me as I entered the large building. “Back so fast?” he held my hand, “And you haven’t even eaten?”

            I looked around the room cautiously; there was a human here. Young, lovely, very busy with her work. Does she even know that we might kill her? Her bulging brown eyes smiled at me, then returned to her pile of papers.

            “Yes she does. She’s just hoping to accompany us someday.”

            “Will you?”

            He sighed. “Maybe,…


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Midnight... Ch.2 Crave

I ran after Jane, leaving behind my new friend Aro. I felt like lightning, so fast. The wind could barely touch me, or catch up to me for that matter. The people among the streets could barely see me. People. It hit me. The urge. The burn.

            I stopped, breathing heavily. I shouldn’t kill, right? But the crave is so large, I must have to have it. Then I felt another thing, a sting on my hand. “Ouch!” I yelled reaching for my burning hand.

            Jane was behind…


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Midnight.... Ch.1 Awake

            I awoke to a black room, not remembering what had happened to me. Everything was dark and cold. I didn’t know where I was, or how to get out. There was a worn-out wooden bed with ripped up mahogany sheets at the corner of the cold room. I walked nervously toward the bed, getting there in less than half the time. At the time, I thought my mind was going crazy.…


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Sparkle Ch.2

I waited silently in Rooks room after he left. My mouth was silent, but my head was buzzing with thousands of questions and thoughts of hatred toward Rook. Why did he leave me here? Who’s Jade? Why is Rook such a jerk? I know why he’s a jerk, because he is a stupid Shadowing!

            A knock on the door stopped my thoughts. “Come in.” I whispered so quietly I could barely hear myself.

            The door opened and a pale woman stepped inside. A beautiful…


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Sparkle Ch.1

“Hey, Beige! Are you going anywhere today? Want to go swim with the Mermaids? They’re having a party today with some fish. Want to come with me? Of course you don’t have to, I know you might be busy-or do you not even want to go swimming? We can go-“

            I cut her off by raising my hand. “I’m busy.”

            Pharisee turned around and walked out the door of my cottage, not saying another word. I quickly grabbed a bowl of cereal then headed for the stables. My horse,…


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Sparkle Preface

I held his hand in mine as we walked up the hill. I only turned my head sometimes to check on what his expression was. His eyes reflected of the tree ahead of us, but the blue was still visible. His mouth was open as if he was going to speak, but he was silent the whole way. I wondered if he was as frightened as I was. He seemed calm… but then he also looked nervous. I couldn’t tell for sure.

            My feet itched from the wet grass. Paula must have watered it just before… I…


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