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will twilight cast look the same by the time breaking dawn comes out?

people can't look the same forever so how will the twilight cast look the same in breaking dawn.yeah they do have movie magicbut will that keep up there aperence?who knows?i don't!but i gess we have to wait and find out.

some people have to change at least that would be kindaweird

write what you think!

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OMG! what kind of person does not like kidz............(edward)....................8-(

i saw this inteveiw and that dude that plays edward said "i don't like kids" he chuckled.THAT'S A BIG FINGER RIGHT IN THE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!! he should know that some day he's going to get a kid. he would maybe say"hey son.i hate you" ........................................................UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......................................keep looking hola at me!!!!!!!!. ;)

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i love.i love.i love. do you know what i love.

do you know what i love.well....i love whan the hot chick get turned down (for ones).and i love it when someone walks through a pic. that's funny.i love it when people write me back.(so i won't get bored and start doing nothing but talking about something i don't feel talking about)i love it when the teacher is sick so she\he can't come to school.i love it when i have a sub. my subs let us do ant thing.I LOVE IT SO MUCH STUFF!!!! so keep looking and write me! but nothing mean. mean people can… Continue

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why do people juge the way other poeple me they LOOK FINE!

why do people juge the way people look? there's always going to be someone ugly. but who cares? well if you don't i suck it! i just like people nice and awesome so stop buging that's mean and sad=( keep looking at my blog! see ya later!

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why are funny stuff so mean sometimes. i mean think about it

why are funny stuff so mean sometime. like once my friend is like super crazy so poeple are alway mean to when you do something he thinks is you being mean to him ......he'll do something kinda he'll put his hood up and wrap the ties around his face and hood then we'll giggle he get mad and hurt himself and cry. it'skinda funny but still mean. i feel bad for him.

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why are stuff soooo much freakin money for stuff that should cost less "UGH!" I HATE IT

i I hate stuff that cost sooooooooo much money than it need to. like ones me and my mom went to wal-mart to go get a book of twilight when i was reading the saga and i looked at the price on the book and it was like $15.00. what's that! then my mom said "what! eclipse was like $10.00 at the book store" "save bettermy butt"I murmured.see what i mean?! UGH! i hate it! .....................................this story u just read was true no lie.come on tomorrow to see my upsetsand stuff… Continue

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