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What if Bella Chose Jacob Part 11

I talked to Seth for a long time.

The seconds turned to minutes.

The minutes might have turned to hours.

I had no way of knowing.

I did not worry about it. I did not feel like I was on a time limit any longer like I had with…


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What if Bella chose Jacob part 10

I began to lose track of time. Each second felt like hours on end. I had goose bumps on my pale arms scared to know what the Volturi was about to do. I could see the fury that was rising in Jane's evil little face. She would much rather just end me and be done with it. She took a deep breath, her red eyes were so bright that they looked like they were flames flickering against the night sky at a campsite, she could not get much angrier. At least…I don’t think she could.

I looked at Jake,… Continue

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What if Bella chose Jacob part 9

My heart started thumping twice as fast as normal. Something was wrong...WAY wrong.

"What?! Why?" I said staring at him.

"NO TIME!!" he yelled picking me up and setting my on the bike. We went so fast down the winding road that i thought the wheels would fly off. Why was he acting this way? What had suddenly happened to make him behave like this.

Suddenly, he skidded the bike to a stop, stirring up a huge dirt cloud so big, i couldnt see what was in front of us to make…


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What if Bella chose Jacob part 8

After several minutes, he sighed, and removed his arms which were draped across my shoulders.

I knew that he honestly like they could stop the Volturi and at this point, I was fairly confident that the could, but a small part of me was still filled with doubt.

"So are you willing to believe that the Voltrui dont stand a chance yet?"

He asked, smirking.

His smile made it impossible not to laugh.

"Yeah, Im sure you can. Im sorry that i doubted you."



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What if bella chose Jacob??? Part 7...:):)

I sat there for over an hour thinking about the different ways i could do this. Each choice had up and down sides. By 6:45 the sun was out and glaring.

"Bella? what are you doing here, not that im like upset or anything, just curious." Jared's voice surprised me. I looked up and saw that he laughing like a maniac. But, after a few awckward seconds, he calmed down and sat down next to me.

"Oh, sorry, i was thinking."

"cool." he said, with a smile.



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What if Bella Chose Jacob??? Part 6...:)

I stared at him, speechless. I should i respond? how could i respond? Carlisle wanted me to become a vampire in less than i week! This would mean never being able to see Charlie, Renee, my high school friends or my werewolf friends ever again. Never see Jacob again.

I didnt know much about the first few yrs of immortal life but between what edward and his family had said and Victoria's army which we'd faced a few days ago ,it wasnt pretty. I would never be able to see my human friends…


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What if Bella Chose Jacob??? Part 5...:)

Shock flooded through me, like a wave crashing on the beach. He stood on the opposite side of my small, upstairs room, distraught and hurt looking.

We stood in an awkward silence for several minutes. I stared at him, never once removing my eyes from his perfect, marble face. Edward never once met my gaze, instead he kept his eyes low, looking around my room, almost as if we was looking for something.

Finally, i couldnt stand it any longer and I broke the…


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What if Bella Chose Jacob???? Part 4:) (sorry bout the wait, thanks for the patience)

The word 'volturi' sent surges of fear through my already nervous body. The Volturi. That was the one thing I hadnt though through about this life with Jacob. I gasped. Jacob noticed and instantly pulled me into his arms and kissed my head. "It's gonna be alright,Bella. We will never let anything happen to you." He sounded confident but I that by protecting ME people i loved could and probably would get hurt.

"Yeah, Bella. We can take those Volturi with our eyes closed. Who could…


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What if Bella Chose Jacob??? Part 3....

The familiar way to La Push seemed like it took me hours to get there, when I actually got there in about 20 minutes. I pulled up in front of Jacob's familiar house. He was probably still asleep it was only 6:38, and if he wasnt awake I KNEW Billy wouldntt be.

I got out of my truck and decided to head down to the beach and just come up to talk to Jacob in an hour or so.

I had a lot on my mind and the La Push Beach was probably the only place I could go to just sit and and sort…


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What if Bella chose Jacob? Here is my thinking...part 2!

After several long, slow minutes I pryed myself away from Jacob's strong arms. I looked out into the field, immeadiatley seeing that the Cullens were gone. And I would probably never see them again. What had I done?

Now that Edward had left, I expected Jacob to be gloating that we 'won' and that Edward 'lost'. Instead, he was intently staring at me with a look of joy and conern. He knew I was upset.

"Bells, are you going to be alright?" Jacob's gentle voice, made me remember…


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What if Bella chose Jacob??? Here is what my thinking is....

It was the hardest decision I had ever had to make in my life. I was torn. Edward seemed so perfect for me, almost like a soulmate, I had thought he was my soul mate...until I kissed Jacob. Everything had seemed so perfect, almost like a dream, but, dreams are just fantastys and at some point you have to wake up. After kissing Jacob my whole world seemed upside down, and my fantasy world of eternity with Edward kept drifting to a world of love with Jacob. No matter which I chose, I would…


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