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You Never Know Where Life Will Take You... Chapter 7

Chapter 7

"Good morning sweetie, it's time to get up," my mom announced cheerfully opening my blinds and pulling my blankets from my body.

"Ugh. Mom, please let me sleep!" I grunted, rolling over in my bed and pulling my blankets back over my head. The sun was barely even showing through my window! "It can't be any later than 8am! Why are you waking me up so early?" I asked pleading for more sleep from under my blankets.

"Well, she woke you up because I've been… Continue

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You Never Know Where Life Will Take You... Chapter 6

Chapter 6

So after all that, our movie night ended the same way it usually did, or along the lines at least.

After watching Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, well I did at least. Annie had fallen asleep half way through like she usually did, so I turned off the movie and put on some music, letting her sleep for a while. I was guessing she must have been worn out from the shock she must have gotten when Seth came and told her that… Continue

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You Never Know Where Life Will Take You... Chapter 5

Chapter 5

*Anne Marie's POV*

"Um, hello?" I asked the strange man in the doorway, a little nervous since I had never seen him before. "May I help you?"

"Oh, yes. I'm looking for an Anne Marie Williams. Would that be you by any chance?" the strange man responded in a deep voice, looking down at me, being at least a foot taller than me and all.

"Um, yes, I am. But may I ask who's asking and how you knew I was here?" I asked,… Continue

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You Never Know Where Life Will Take You... Chapter 4

Chapter 4

*Anne Marie's POV*

As I sat in the back of my 3rd period class, completely ignoring my Pre-Cal teacher droning on about percentages and such since I already had all the notes from yesterday, and I had taken out the portrait that Daniel drew of me.

It was amazing and I couldn't believe he had taken the time to draw it. I mean, it must have taken at least 2 hours! Because you can't get that much detail in a short amount of… Continue

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You Never Know Where Life Will Take You... (an original story I'm writing)


*Daniel's POV*

With Anne Marie, it's always been a roller coaster, for lack of a better word to describe, I have been in love with her since we were in our Freshman year, and she sang a song with this amazingly soulful voice at a dance we had and as everyone slow-danced with their date and I just watched her in awe. She was so into the music and just seemed to let the world and her worries fade… Continue

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Faithful Survivors

*Sorry this is so long. I went into as little detail as I possibly could....o.O*

At camp on Tuesday we were going to Sitting Bull Falls in New Mexico, near Carlsbad Caverns there is a church camp called Guadalupe Christian Camp, some of us were going on vans, but 1/2 of us went on the hike there (18 campers and 4 adults). We started at 1:40pm that day and got off other words, we were lost.....We walked for about five hours through thick brush, cacti, thorn bushes,… Continue

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Wasted paper


Scribbles on this paper

Words in my mind

Things I can't handle,

Things I can't find.

These words,

They ache,

Yet never seem real.

For when I am with you

Is the only time I feel...

Scribbles on this paper,

Words in my mind,

These felling meaning so much,

I can only hide...

And when you left,

Part of me died inside...

Ripping a hole in my heart,

That I will never be able to repair.

So all these… Continue

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Awesome Concert(sorry alicia)

That concert was awesome!!! Papa Roach, Buckcherry, and Avenged Sevenfold! My feet hurt from standing, and jumping so constantly in my boots, I knew I should have worn my Vans! lol O and Jacobie was right there, like inches away from where we were going crazy! ^_^ I'm probably going to be horse in the morning! lol

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Yes, another poem! lol ^^ Tell me how ya like it....

Why am I still in pain,

from a wound that is long in the past?

I can't even describe it...

It's the type of pain that nearly paralyzes you,

enabling you to move,

let alone breathe...

It hurts in a mental and physical sense,

the pain is unbearable.

I sit in bed at night,

not being able to sleep,

holding my side,

for it feels as if I have just been stabbed in the heart,

and… Continue

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Why Did You, another poem

Why did it have to end this way?

This is only one of the many questions

I ask myself everyday...

Why did we become so close?

Why did I let you in

When I kept everyone else out?

Why did I tell you everything?

Everything that could be used

To hurt me,

Break me...

Make me bleed?

Why did I trust you?

What did you do,

To prove your worth?

Well, I guess that's it

You didn't do anything.

And that must be why,

I'm… Continue

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Multi-Color, one of my poems...

I look around me,

And all I see is color.

Bright & Cheerful

Everywhere I turn...

If only life was this simple.

Everyone would be happy

And the world would be a better place.

But it doesn't always work out that way...

For some people,

No matter how hard they try

They can't find the color...

They wear bright reds and blues

pinks and yellows.

But they still aren't happy.

Those people might as well be wearing black.

All… Continue

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twilight moment

my friend reminded me about this yesterday & I thought since it was funny & related to twilight I'd put it on here!

When we went to see Twilight at the movies, we sat at the top row in the corner so we wouldn't disturb anyone, well when we were watching (and when alicia wasn't giggling her head of & saying that Edward & Emmett were sexy) she looks at me and tells me to stop saying Bella's I was surprised by that because I didn't even realize… Continue

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