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Chapter One to Story. Comment please for tips and/or advice!!

Chapter One

Not knowing where to sleep, I had curled up in a doorframe that night and fallen asleep. The chill wasn’t enough to damage me, but it did leave me feeling pretty stiff in the morning. My neck also ached extremely from sitting hunched in a little ball all night long. I sighed; wish I had somewhere to go. I drag my sore body up from the ground, and get my bag. With my stomach grumbling uncontrollably, I walk to the nearest food source; a little bakery. I rush in, with the smell… Continue

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Proloue for a story I've been working on for awhile... Not sure if anyone will like it. Comment please!!


When I was younger, I wasn’t read all of the fairy tales that most other children were read before bedtime; the ones with handsome princes in shining armor, the wolf and the child in red, of the animals that talk and the little seven men. No, I was never read those stories. I never had the love and adoration that most children got from their parents. No family trips, no being tucked in at night, and definitely I never got told “good job sweetie,” or “I love you”. No, I never… Continue

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short story type thing that I wrote. first draft. comment on your thoughts about it!! (:

Not sure for a title yet.

The world is quiet, completely still. There’s an electric charge in the air, the clouds are moving faster and the wind is picking up. The leaves are turning over to reveal their pale undersides, and you know that a summertime soaking is on its way. Plop, the first raindrop descends from the sky and lands on your head. Plop, plop, plop, the rains picking up gradually. You look up at the sky at the same time a loud clash of thunder sounds from above. You count… Continue

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has anyone read the draft of midnight sun?

hey. so we all know how midnight sun got leaked out onto the internet. ): so I was wondering, has anyone read it?? and what's your view on the book?? I've read that partial draft (sorry! I couldn't resist) and I think that it's wonderful!! it really shows you how much edward loves bella, and you get a deep sense of just how attached he is to her. it's amazing. and also, there were some parts that I said, "awww oh my god!" because they were so cute. like the part, where they're in the rain at… Continue

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