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"Man Down"

I didn't mean to end his life

I know it wasn't right

I can't even sleep at night

Can't get it off my mind

I need to get out of sight

Before I end up behind bars

What started out as a simple altercation

Turned into a real sticky situation

Me just thinking on the time that I'm facing

Makes me wanna cry

Cause I didn't mean to hurt him

Could've been somebody's son

And I took his heart when

I pulled out that… Continue

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(feat. Lil Wayne)

[Kelly Rowland]

Go, go, go, go

Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down

Go longer, you can last more rounds

Push harder, you're almost there now

So go lover, make mama proud

And when we're done, I don’t wanna feel my legs

And when we're done, I just wanna feel your hands all over me, baby

but you can’t stop there, music still playing in the background

And you're almost… Continue

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Someone New alll

rrreeaaaddd mmyy bbblllooogs

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Someone New Part 4

ok every body bella is the one telling this ok ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hey, um john can u do anything special thats u didnt think u will be able to do that you can now." i said

"Well, i can control fire . Like fire can come out of my hands. and i can freez water just witha finger or i can heat it…


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Someone New Part 3


"John get in the car" said my father. "Daddy y whats wrong y do we have to leave." I said "Just stop asking questions" said my father. " mommy where r we going" "John shut up" said my mother. My father drove off so fast we got on the bridge in New…


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Someone New Part 2

It got closer and closer. We were all in a straight line. Then we all tensed because it was there in the clearing with us. We were all ready to attack but then we realized it was just child. He looked 10 years old. He look scared in a hansome child way. Then he yeld to us for help i ran to him. Edward didnt have enough time to stop me but i ran and held the poor scared child. He hugged me. Then i said" its ok little boy whats wrong? where are ur parents? whats ur…


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Someone New

My life was perfect until we went hunting. All of us. we were enjoying ourselves. Edward and I having fun all the time. Reneesme and Jacob together (edward who isent so happy about that:) ) When we were running we well i smelled it first smelled human blood and our kind. Vampires. edward felt he tension my body when i froze. Edward also saw it in my mind since now i learned how to take off the sheild. Edward saw it alices mind in that instant. We all stoped…


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i cant believe how long it will ne when breaking dawn will com out

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