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fanfic chapter 33


Carlisle stood over the motionless boy, I gasped as the fur began to disappear into the flesh of the dead young man, like with out a heart beat the strange gift was gone. Emmett tore off his shirt not brothering with buttons; they snapped of easily under his hurried fingers, he carefully placed the too large blue button up on Tyler. The light blue fabric covered Tyler like a blanket, the light blue fabric shifted in… Continue

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fanfic chapter 32


With love certain things are expected; accelerated heart beats, sweaty palms, longing, nauseatingly sweet nick names, hope for the future, desire filled stares and being a bit protective of the people whom your life continues for.

As everything else love is heightened with vampires, except of course for the human things, we don’t sweat, we have no heart beats, and the future does not have the same meaning, but in… Continue

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fanfic chapter 31

Chapter thirty-one- LETS PRETEND LIFE IS FAIR

I stared at my arm or lack there of. There was no pain, the realization that there was no pain was worse. You can be told day after day that your not human, you can feel the burn of the thirst, you can watch the sun set then rise, never moving an inch, never needing too and still you feel normal. Not human normal of course, but you don’t feel different, not in a bad way anyway. Being a vegetarian gave you much more room for a normal… Continue

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New Moon Movie Review. *****SPOILERS!!*****

Okay people,

I saw new moon during the midnight showing of new moon. Yeah i said the midnight showing. Lets see where to start?

Okay the beginning was good, unoriginal to say the least, the movie starts at the near end where we see bella running down the streets of italy trying to get to edward before it's too late. Then we go to bella waking up on her birthday.

Blah blah blah the birthday party, now i don't know about anyone else, but i was really anxious to… Continue

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Fanfic chapter thirty


“Choose Emma. I’m tired of this game. Your daughter or this leech?” Raina crossed her arms. She looked over her long bright red fingernails the way a villain in old movies did to prove her villainy.

Emma shook, her eyes bore into mine. I tired again to move away from Tyler. A thoughtless move, no harm or even realistic freedom meant. It was just a gesture, but Raina took it as something more. She hissed through her teeth… Continue

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Fanfic Chapter Twenty nine


When something unpleasant happens to someone close to use we will often understand the situation and the person well enough that you might say I feel their pain. But here now in my husbands family’s yard with my daughter, husband, Jacob and the closest family anyone could wish to have, I could feel Emma’s literal pain, as if all the overwhelming news and events had turned into a shapeless bully, roughly pushing me forward, egging on the… Continue

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Fanfic chapter twenty eight


Everyone has a moment in life where enough is enough. You can no longer fake a smile or force your self to move forward. A moment when all you want to do is scream and fight. This was Emma’s.

Emma’s lips pulled up, she crouched into attack position, the same moment she moved Millie into her back. Millie wrapped her arms around her mother and pressed her face into the thin summer dress Emma had put on that… Continue

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fanfic chapter twenty seven

Chapter twenty seven- THE CLOSEST FORM OF DEATH

Emma’s lips pulled up over her teeth, even without the passed down human embellished stories of fangs, the way Emma’s teeth shown in the newly cloudy day was a dangerous sight. She let a menacing growl rip up her throat. Nathan pushed out of Emma’s arms and fell uncharacteristically gracelessly to the floor. The little vampire child stood in front of his mother with arms spread out protecting her with all two feet four inches of his… Continue

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fanfic chapter twenty six

Chapter twenty six- THE PRICE’S WE MUST PAY

“What?” the words fell from her trembling lips. “You are my mothers spy!” She screamed, her voice cut through the music and sent shivers down my spine. Millie and Nathan jumped in surprise.

“Everything between us was some sort of cover story so you could spy for her.” She pointed at her mother, who seemed to be enjoying this display. Nathaniel rushed forward, but Emma held her arms out stopping him.

“How long had you… Continue

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fanfic chapter twenty five

Chapter twenty five- FROZEN SMILES

The Cullen home as a rule was a usually quite place seeing as bugs, birds and other wildlife seemed to understand the danger we provided. But now standing in the awkwardly cheerfully decorated yard the world around us seemed to echo silence. The looks on each face appeared to copy the last. Fear, shock, horror, worry, the only different expression came from the woman in the tight black dress. Her smiled was pulled so tightly, the corner of her lips… Continue

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Fanfic chapter Twenty four


As far as I know such a large imprinting had never taken place before and I was absolutely sure it was never to one woman. It would have been impossible to any human ears, but when the eyes of the wolfs set on Emma a soft snapping sound echoed off the trees, like that of a twig breaking. The sound of something clicking into place, that’s how Jacob had described it long ago.

Edward and I had stopped our movements,… Continue

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Fanfic chapter twenty three

Chapter twenty-three- PARTYS AND WHY I HATE THEM

Standing in the bizarre sunshine my skin sparkled and glowed, under different circumstances I would have been marveling at the beauty. Unfortunately my mind had taken me in a different direction. I watched the perfectly content faces of my friends and family with rigid fear. The yard and everyone in it was the exact copy of the vision I had seen. The only exception being in the vision before I had not seen the tables set for the wolfs,… Continue

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fanfic chapter twenty two

Chapter twenty-two- PARTY TIME.

“Momma come listen to aunt Bella’s story.” Millie cried cheerfully. Nathanial was by Emmett’s favorite chair in the blink of a humans eyes. He patted the sit inviting her to sit. She forced a stiff smile to me. I bobbed my head towards the chair. She nodded, then moved to sit.

“Ephraim is Neisse’s age. He used to come over with Jacob sometimes, but he’s starting kindergarten soon and Emily wants him to get ready. He’s pretty normal, Emily… Continue

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fanfic chapter twentyone


“Well, She is married to that big guy that was talking with Uncle Edward.” Edward appeared behind me in seconds of hearing his name. I couldn’t help but laugh with the others at the sight of my gorgeous husband, his hair turned white with flour. Little pieces of what smelled like burnt chocolate covering his left shoulder. He held a whisk in one hand and a large family sized mixing bowl in the other. He frowned and turned to leave our… Continue

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Fanfic chapter twenty


Nessie and I sat on the slightly worn folding chair facing the Cullen’s vast back yard. Alice and jasper walked back and forth from the house to the yard, each time carrying some new decoration. Jasper stayed a few inches behind Alice each time. He had a nervous anxious face as he scanned the woods for the eightieth time. Jasper forced a weak smile as Alice turned to ask his advice about where the wolfs table should be. He… Continue

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Fanfic chapter nineteen

Chapter nineteen, THE WOLF PACK

The wind blew in both directions as I stood facing the trees, one was light and smelled of burning timber, wild flowers, tires as they drove drown the street by my families home and as always rain. The other was not a natural breeze, it stunk of dog, shape shifter actually, but the smells were very similar. This breeze was the result of four men running as fast as their transformed wolf legs could carry them. The trees swayed forcefully as the group moved.… Continue

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Fanfic chapter eighteen

Chapter eighteen, ATTRACTION

His shoulders slumped and his eyes closed as he lend his head against my shoulder. “This sucks bell’s.” he whispered gruffly. I nodded rubbing his hair with my hand. Jacob had let his hair grow longer then the pack really allowed. Being alpha had its perks, few as that was. Nessie had played beauty shop with him last week so his hair was a bit lopsided. I think she did it on purpose; Renesmee is clever if nothing else, she knows how much Jacob loves her, but… Continue

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fanfic chapter seventeen

Chapter seventeen, SETH

The yard was filled with bright streams of unusual sunshine. The weather as bizarre as it was was not the strangest occurrence at the moment. I stood with my arms still stretched out protectively in front of Seth. I was petrified, too shocked to move or speak. Jacob’s eyes glowed an angry confusing look of pain. “Gotta tell the others.” He chocked at the same time he ran full speed to the woods changing forms midstride. “No!” Seth screamed. I jumped as the noise… Continue

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fanfic chapter sixteen

Chapter Sixteen, EMMA.

So there I was, standing between Edward and Jacob, Edward’s expression was one I had never seen before, he was staring at Seth unmoving and silent. But then again who wasn’t, Seth stood motionless feet away from the large crowd that had gathered. Jasper stood defensively in front of Alice, ever since Millie had seen the succubus’s visit jasper has been on edge. Every creak of a floor board or shaking tree branch had him in a defensive pose. I was surprised with… Continue

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fanfic chapter fifteen

Chapter Fifteen, imprinting for dummies

In the five days that passed since the strange vision Millie showed to me Alice, Rose and Esme returned. Alice seemed to have her vision the same time Millie did. They were on the first flight back after Alice explained about the strange future she had seen. We exchanged stories when they returned, though we both left out the party. Alice had given me a warning look when i started talking about the decorations and quickly changed the subject. In… Continue

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