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Miley Cyrus..The Next Edward Cullen?

So i just read an article that Miley was dissing Rob Pattinson. She doesn't get why girls like him. Honestly, the dude isn't my favorite but c'mon! Does she have to fight with everyone? (Radiohead, Jamie Foxx, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato) Yes, she's sixteen but i know some teens who are way more mature. Second, she will be staring in a movie similar to Twilight to see if she can cash in with the supernatual as well. It will be called Wings and her mother will produce the film. What, Billy Ray too… Continue

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Need a new BFF!

So this girl and i were such good friends throughout our high school years. we could talk about anything and tell each other our deepest secrets. I truly thought she was the coolest friend anyone could ever have. then when i graduated, she changed. all of a sudden she started to hang with these "different people" and totally changed who she was. she dressed different and changed her attitude to be like them. since they were younger than her she got more immature. i truly lost my friend. as the… Continue

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Some People!

I just don't get when someone has to insult you for a comment or question you have on this site! i mean, c'mon! we are all just a bunch of people who have different opinions, likes and dislikes. if you don't agree with something that is said, ignore it and don't insult. makes you less of a person if you try to hurt someone. it won't change the other's opinion. if you don't like what i do or what i8 ahve on my page, i don't care : ) Its my perogative, not urs. I have nothing against Edward. i… Continue

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My New Magazine!

so today at work my fellow worker Lita bought me the "Sexy Stars of Twilight." i was so happy! the magazine has posters and ahh i was excited. she made my day!!!

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