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This is, like, my millionth update!

I'm sorry to say that "The twilight adventures" won't be finished, as I have run out of ideas. Any ideas I come up with nowadays are mostly for my website, deviantART, or YouTube. I know, I know, sucky excuse, but it's true DX. Again, I apoligize.

Xx Alena xX

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Yet another short and random update! XP

Again, sorry there aren't any chapters of the twilight adventures, but I need ideas. If you've got any, I'd like to hear 'em. I've also been busy with my YouTube vids,my fanfics and my website. Sorry for the delays, ppl. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Xx Alena xX

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Apologies and an update

I just want to say that I am a horrible friend and I can't say how sorry I am. If anyone here is reading this and has no idea what i'm talking about, I really don't wanna talk about it. I also want to apologize to my role-playing friends on here. I have no excuse for not being on any RPs and if my character's taken off, i'm not surprised. Anyway, due to my current situations, the twilight adventures is temporarily discontinued until further notice (which is when I stop being depressed). Sorry… Continue

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The Twilight Adventures: Episode 2

Yay! Episode 2! I know you guys have been waiting for this! At least, i hope you've been waiting. b4 i go on, i must mention that this world is based on this website (yeah, i know. crazy, right?) anyway, in this episode are...

Seth Clearwater (yes, he's my friend.)

Set to Fail

Me. (yeah, again)

and my special character made just for this story: Flare Sparkeon (i know her name sounds like a Pokemon. just bear with me here.)

the special… Continue

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The Twilight Adventures: Episode 1

ok this is a comedy/action thingy. It takes place in a world similar to the twilight world. everyone on my friend list is in it, but u don't have 2 be on my friend list. just put a comment saying u want 2 be in it. i usually put 2 to 3 people in it (not counting people from twilight.). the people in today's episode are..

ieasha (Mrs. ieasha Lautner (i wish) on TTS. also, i hope i spelled that right. XD)

Me. (i may not be in every episode.)

Special Guests (twilight… Continue

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ok, if you've read my previous blog post, you know i've been depressed. well, now i'm not. XD i thought it would take longer. Well, he and I are friends now, and thats good with me. ^_^ Anyway, there's this other guy my friend told me about and we're going 2 get together and stuff. well, that's all 4 now.

Xx Bloodclaw xX

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Major Heartbreak

he hates me. if he had picked me...i would have been so happy. but now, i feel like Bella did in new moon when edward left. he deleted me from his buddy list. that's when i knew we were never meant to be. i will never ever love anyone ever again. why did u do this to me? why? don't bother trying to help me. no one can fix this. i knew i would never find love. i'm just a loser. </3

Xx Bloodclaw xX

EDIT: ok, i'm not as depressed anymore. but u get the idea.

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My past has been figured out.

Ok, this is basically my life story. *ahem* You see, i wasn't always a werewolf. It was a long time ago (I don't know how many years) that I was an actual wolf. My parents, um they got shot by hunters when I was very young. And of course, I didn't take that lightly. I kinda don't want to go into detail about anything that I did. Let's just say, what I did is the reason for my name. It's a nickname the humnas ended up giving me. Also, I forgot my real name so..yeah. Anyway, when it came down to… Continue

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Survey Time! =D

Copy & paste into your blog with your own answers...

What's your favorite color gummy bear?

I don't eat gummy bears. >.br>

What is the sexiest part of the opposite sex's body?


Have you ever made up/sang a song for someone you cared about?


Ever had a song sang about/for you?


Is there a baby in the room with you right now?


Do you know how to dance?

no. i don't really like to… Continue

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My second idea for a story!

Chapter one of my first story is up! It is called The Magic within:Book 1: The summer of magic...and other stuff. This is a story about magical creatures who live among humans. My second idea is sort of a comedy. It's about me and all my twilight saga friends ^^. You can be in it. Just comment and say so. Chapter one will be up soon. Until that time...

Xx Bloodclaw xX

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Strange things

Well, i don't know. I keep having "dreams of the past" or something. It feels more like a past life. It's weird. And I get this deja vu in places I thought i've never been to and i don't know what's wrong. help.

Xx Bloodclaw xX

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More stuff

I like some one else now. ok, other than that i still have no fanfic ideas whatsoever. that's bascially all i wanted to say. Bye!

Xx Bloodclaw xX

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Hey guys. I'm postin more blog stuff. um let's see I was in a chat room yesterday and , i'm not gonna drop names but some ppl were kinda jerks. I'm trying 2 find a pack and some one finnaly accepted a friend request of mine ^^. yay! so um i like Shadow the Hedgehog. <3 ahh, Shadow <3 Oh sorry. Um yeah, i made it to chapter 19 in Breaking Dawn. You know being a lone wolf can get boring. I'm gonna go do stuff now. Bye! ^-^


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I am bored

Yeah. Hmmm, what to type. Well, I got the twilight movie on DVD. I went hunting. I snuck into some random human's house and took their headphones. And I chased a squriell. Guess that's it. See ya!


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