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I am moving. AGAIN!

there is only two good things about us moving. 1:I get my own room.2:i still get to go to WLHS. I have goten way better at my anime drawings. I still can't draw hand or feet worth the crap. My B-day is coming up soon and that is a good and a bad thing. good because i turn 15, but bad cause of the move means little to no anything for my B-day. I can't wait thoug. Next year I will be driving. So excited

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so far this is an awsome summer. i have been to palm beach so far, but soon we are planing to go to six flags, and the beach. I can't wait for school to start back.

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this was the best christmas ever i got the twilight book the new moon book the eclipse board game twilight card game and the eclipse MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i literly screamed when I got the movie)ttyl:) :)

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new school not so new anymore

it has been at least three week since my last  blog post. nothin much has happend since last monday which was my birthday I turned 14 my parents are going to be geting me my learners permit soon can't wait ttyl:)

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new school

well i trancfered schools. from east laurens ms to oak hill ms I miss all my friends and the school is too differient ane the worst thing is the fact we have to where uniforms and honestly I don't look good in uniforms,but the good thing is well can't think of one right now ttyl:(

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