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Blood Drive Winners


Thank you to everyone who went to the Red Cross to help feed a vampire!

We had several entries and we have drawn the winner of the

2 Vampire Package Passes to Twilight Over Portland.

The lucky winner is :

Kaycee Marosi

Our T Shirt winners are as follows:

Danielle Sale

Kelsey Adent

Samantha Butler

Derek Mc Carty

Andrew… Continue

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Help Peter beat the Twitter world

Peter needs our help on Twitter again to become Mr Twitter this time! Go to to vote for him and help him get into the competition for the World Champion! I know you Twilight fans can take care of him and push him all the way to the top!

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Day Passes are Available

Special Day Pass Rates Announced for “Twilight Over Portland” Convention August 28-30 at Holiday Inn Convention Center

(Portland, OR) With sales of tickets to the three-day gathering of “all things Twilight” being sold at a brisk pace, the first annual “Twilight Over Portland” Convention announced today that it will sell day passes to each of the three convention days, due to popular demand.

Friday passes are $125 and include all-day access to the Convention as well as the… Continue

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Twilight Over Portland mixes it up with IKEA

Attention Twilight Fans another event to get ready for Twilight Over Portland is here.

IKEA Portland is hosting an event with on August 22nd to celebrate the phenomenon we call Twilight. They will also help us give away T-shirts and a pair of tickets to the three day event which benefits Doernbecher’s Children's hospital. IKEA will be donating a replica set up of Edwards room from the movie to the event which will… Continue

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More cool Twi sneakers to slip your feet into

So the awesome maker of my Twilight converse has just made informed me that he has made a few more pair of the amazing sneakers since he made mine. Check them out and let me know what you think of them! We will be announcing the winner of the pair of Twilight tickets from the blood drive here… Continue

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Day passes become available for Twilight Over Portland on Friday

Day passes to Twilight Over Portland will become available as of Friday. For more information about what will be going on and what is included in each day pass please see our website at Below we have included a schedule or events for each day.

Friday passes are $125 and include all day access to the event as well as the Question and Answer forum with all of the actors, filming tours and available classes at… Continue

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Blood Drive to win Twilight Convention Tickets

Our first event is taking place July 31st through August 1st. If you donate blood at the Clark County Donation Center behind the Westfield Shopping Center (AKA Vancouver Mall) your name gets put into a drawing for T Shirts, and a pair of tickets to the convention that covers… Continue

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Twlight Trading Cards

Yea I got my twilight trading cards today! Of course they would have been nice to have a few days ago when I could have gotten them signed! :0 ) Of course it came with a signed Peter Facinelli card which is cool! I could have gotten the others signed but I guess I can do that when several come back for my convention in August!

Now I need some of other humans. I saw they had the teacher and Waylon. Does anyone know if they have Solomon… Continue

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Vampire Baseball

Yesterday was HOT in Portland but not just because of the sun or the 90+ degree weather. It was HOT because several stars from Twilight were here and playing baseball and having a great time. We had a lot of the locals who are no less amazing. Ayanna Berkshire was there, as was Logan Welch, Catherine Grimmel, Solomon Trimble, Sean McGrath, Gavin Bristol and more as well as Peter Facinelli, Rachelle Lefevre, Edi Gathegi, Michael Welch, Alex Moraz,… Continue

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Back to School

School started back today and I am excited about summer semester. The teachers seem really cool and I think my classes will be fun. Though I do miss some teachers and friends from last semester already!

So, this will be brief as I have homework and I got 4 hours sleep last night. I would like little more tonight! :) If I get to bed in the next hour I should get at least 7 so I can focus on Psychology at 8am… Continue

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Sad day in Hollywood

Today I was sitting around and being lazy enjoying my week off before school starts back up when my phone rings. It was my baby sister telling me their puppy still cant come home because her bladder burst and she had to have surgery. Mind you this is after he being in the hospital for over a week for having an embolism that left her hind quarters paralyzed temporarily and her trying to… Continue

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Press Release would like to announce that it is holding the first annual Twilight convention at the Holiday Inn Convention center by Portland airport August 28th – August 30th, 2009. The confirmed actors for this event so far include Peter Facinelli, Edi Gathegi, Gil Birmingham, Alex Moraz, Christian Serratos, local actress Ayanna Berkshire, and Rob Pattinsons body and photo double Logan Welch!

There will be an opportunity to meet with the actors for questions, autographs and… Continue

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Out of touch

Hey sorry guys that I have been so out of touch lately. It has been crazy around here with the convention planning and finals. I think that they went well but I should be able to pick up my grades here soon! I pretty much took the weekend off to get some much needed house cleaning done and relax a bit. Next week I have off to get a ton of things done for the convention before school starts again. :( It sort of stinks but it just means that I will get my degree that much faster as opposed to… Continue

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Last Day of Skool!

Tomorrow is my final for my last class then I am off for a week so I can work on the convention! Between now and the convention date I am going to the Vampire Baseball event, two trips out of town and school. I will start again in a week from Monday!

Fear not though! I have my trusty laptop so I am able to keep in contact with everyone and on top of the event! Plus I have some great help that will keep things moving like they should. The event will be here before you know… Continue

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Would you bid on a car like the one in Twilight??

Would you guys ever try to win an auction for a car like the one in Twilight? Would that be a hit?

If so I may have your answer...

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Hana Pestle is coming to Twilight Over Portland

Did I mention that Hana is coming to our convention this summer? I cant remember if I am coming or going with finals going on! Well she is and I am stoked! She is amazing live so I cant wait to see her perform again!

Looked at some places to house the Vamps while they are in Portland...oh the choices are endless! Some of these hotels are super nice! I am amazed...Too many to choose from! Plus it didnt help that we drove all over to… Continue

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Skool Dayz

So, my first final is tomorrow! Wish me luck. Will be done for a little bit after next week. Then summer school starts and I keep going but not as brutal this summer so I can focus on the convention.

I met with a marketing guy today who is going to help us make sure that not one household wont know about our event! We want to be sold out by July 1st! Then we can focus on something else fun for you guys! It will be just as awesome as the convention and all Twilight all the… Continue

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More excitement for the childrens hospital

We are working on some super exciting stuff that will rocket the donations for the childrens hospital and should be able to announce them this week! So, keep checking back and if all goes well, fingers crossed, then you guys wont be able to sit in your seats very long! :)

Oh by the way found out I get to interview Bobby Long when he is in town in August! Yippeeee. First Hana now Bobby and soon enough Goodnight Juliet in person when they perform at our convention! I am jumping up and… Continue

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Are we there yet??

Hey guys! Well I have a few more weeks of school and done for a week then I decided to torture myself and attend this summer as well! It will help me graduate faster if I do so what the heck! They are all Human resource classes so it shouldn't be too brutal!We have a lot going on next week with advertising and all sorts of things.

Wanted to know something from you guys! If you had a chance to have a front row seat auctioned off at our event would you take it? Let us know as I would… Continue

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