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The Goodness of TWILIGHT ANTS =)

I'm so frustrated. Thanks to the ants though. Few minutes ago, I checked my Twilight Saga books because I saw ants beside my shelf. That was then I had the urge to see my beloved books for check-ups. It's been so many months since I last opened these accolades, anyway... 


What are those brownly and yellowish spots on it? Blame this to my carelessness. Arrgh! I should have covered all my books with cloth(so I bet this…


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There aren't many vampires like Stephenie's Cullens, who live unrecognized amongst humans. Like all predators, TWILIGHT VAMPIRES are equipped with more than enough abilities like physical strength, invulnerability, speed, sharpened senses and additional perceptive faculties.

*Stephenie wrote her debut novel(twilight) as an output of her dream: A BEAUTIFUL VAMPIRE WHO GLITTERS IN THE SUNLIGHT.

-So fro those people who don't like vampires but rather liked wolves, sorry.... STEPHENIE… Continue

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I can't help myself to shout just like a freak and laugh and laugh all the time watching the new moon movie. It broke the record and hit cinemas all over the world. Moreover,I don't know how many "OH,EDWARD IS VERY HANDSOME" I've said..maybe more then 200 times??? it may bge exaggerated but I will accept it because I truly enjoyed watchin' the movie with my closest friends who really were too obsessed and addict with the whole saga series. As I go home, I can't recover..even when I go to… Continue

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EDWARD CULLEN: A Masterpiece of Art

Edward served as an awe-inspiring and totally gorgeous icon in the fiction world. He really is a masterpiece of art that catches the heart of women and almost everyone. THOUGH HE ONLY EXIST IN THE FICTIONAL WORLD,HE TRULY ROCKS THE WORLD OF REALITY.

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Edwardians Rulezzz!!!

Jacob really sucks... i believe most of You wUd agree W/ that..He loos like BONA... OUr Loser Clasmate...jajaja... A Plain Filipino who looks like an Unevolved Chimp.Jacobianz please,,,this is just a blog... so don't make this thing a big deal... i'm just posting mah opinion.

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I much more on dreaming about on how to deal life relating on twilight..anyway,just add me as your friend.

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