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It's about that time.

Time to write about the upcoming Eclipse movie, of course!
Yes, I know it's April. Yes, I know the movie comes out June 30th.
And yes, I have had that date saved in my phone since Twilight was released. Don't you judge me.
So, for as long as I have been anticipating it, Eclipse the movie is coming up fast.
Do you have your midnight release tickets yet?
Just kidding. I certainly don't. But I am definitely seeing it at…

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Bree Tanner and Thoughts.

I wanted to write a blog. I have plenty of other means to write blogs, so when I write one on here, I try to keep it Twilight-related somewhat. And what other cutting-edge topic can I talk about other than the rather talked-about news of Stephenie's new book?

I will begin by saying I just heard about this about two days ago. I got a trusty email from Borders informing me of a new release by Stephenie Meyer. I, not having been keeping up on my Steph news like the old days,…

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Thoughts on the New Moon Soundtrack.

The soundtrack for New Moon came out a little while ago, so I thought now would be a good time for a blog post about it. I bought the CD the day after it came out, which was actually three days before it was originally going to be released, so I'd say that's pretty good. Most of the songs seem pretty similar, but after a few listens, I can now judge each and every one of them individually. I find that if I listen to a song over and over again, no matter how bad it is, I can usually find some… Continue

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Sure. My top New Moon moments I can't wait to see.

I've been seeing it on blogs all over the web: "Top Ten New Moon Moments," "My Top Five," "I Can't Wait For These Scenes..." So I figured I would make my own. I'm not going to go ahead and title it with a number because I really don't know how long this is going to be. It won't be organized at all, so I'll just hash out the things that I want to see in the New Moon movie in November. Here goes!

Okay, so I guess I'll go over my absolute favorite parts in the book (and I'll try to keep… Continue

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Let's up the support, okay?

This entry is dedicated to venting.

About half an hour ago, I read these rumors online about how Stephenie is getting sued for plagiarism and the production of the New Moon movie is being put on hold. Turns out to be lies, like I suspected, but really? They got me so mad. People will do anything now to create a little stir in Hollywood and wherever else there is a media following. Poor Stephenie had to write a little disclaimer thing on her website about how she’s not being…

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