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midnight sun post 58 ♥☻☺lexis view

I woke up in the morning,in seths arms. I smiled and heard growles. Urggggggg!!! I jumped up and looked out the window. Jake,paul,embry,and quil were standing there. I slid open the window quietly,not wanting to wake seth. I slipped out. "We didnt do anything,"i immediatly said. "Why are you asleep with him,on his bed,"jake asked through clenched teeth. "I fell asleep,we fell asleep,"i said,simply. "Yeah,right,"paul said. "What are you trying to say,"i growled. "That we cant believe that,"paul… Continue

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midnight sun post 56 lexis view ♥☻☺sorry i havent posted in awhile

Okay,so i was at seths house. I snuck over at about 1 in the morning. We were cuddling on his bed. "I cant believe the guys said all that stuff,"i said. Seth kissed my shoulder and said,"lexi,theyre protective of you,i kind of understand." "Oh,so you dont want to do that...thing,"i asked him. "Oh,i do,trust me...alot,"he smiled. i laughed,quietly,and said,"i just wish that theyd understand im not a child anymore." He kissed me and said,"I understand that." "Mhm,well ofcourse youd say that,"I…


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midnight sun post 55 lexis view♥☻☺

Im old enough to make my own decisione!!so i tell the guys,"stop freaking out,seth and i are old enough to make our own decisione,we dont need your blessing,"I growled. Jake looked at me like i was crazy or something. "Lexi,is he pressuring you,"quil asked. "No,hes not,this was my decision,"i said. "No,he brainwashed you or something,"paul said. "Stop freking out,god dammit,"i said. They all looked at me and sam,of all people said,"no,lexi!" I looked at him confused. "Lexi,this is not…


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midnight sun post 54 jacobs view♥☻☺more added!!

I saw the kids in the front yard. They were all smiles and laughs. It made me realize they werent kids,but i wasnt going to treat them like adults.Seths arm was around lexi and she was smiling looking at him. I was happy for my sister,but i just didnt want her to get hurt. She was my responsibility and i didnt want to screw up. Rebecca and racheal would hate me if i did! Its also what dad wouldve wanted. The kids came inside and paul asked,"how was the beach?" "Great,"the kids said at…


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midnight sun post 53 seths view♥☻☺more added to this post

 As lexi and i laid in the sand her sweet self pressed into me. I smiled to myself,probably a bit to wide because lexi giggled at me when she saw. "Oh,what,"i asked,innocently. "Your too cute,"lexi smiled. I rolled my eyes,mockingly,and said,"dont i know it. "Oh,cocky much,"lexi said. "Ha,its hard not to be when i got the beautifulist girl..ever,in any and every universe,"i smiled. Lexi blushed and kissed my cheek and our fingers intertwined,tighter.♥I traced circles on the back of her hand.…


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midnight sun post 52 lexis view♥☻☺added more so re read this

 Seths lips roamed the trail he set from my lips to my neck. It was a seductive pattern,and he knew it. I heard him chuckle at my goosebumps. Okay,two could play at this game. I kissed his lips down his neck to the tip of his chest and back up. "L-lexi,"seth said,goosebumps covering his skin. "I win,"I smiled and kissed him. It only took a second for us to be rolling in the sand,making out,fiercly. I loved the way he made me feel. It was like i was the only person in the world. Its like i…


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midnight sun post 51 lexis view♥☻☺

 I looked at the guys while they ate. They were all so cute,in their own ways. I mostly thought of the guys as brother cute,except seth. He was beyond that,he was my true love,or as he would say 'my midnight sun'. It was unbelievable how he could make me feel. About an hour later,lara,me,crysta,alicia,and vanessa left for the beach. I had a feeling seth,brady,collin,trishchen,and alex would follow us. We met the rest of the cheer squad at the beach. I brought…


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midnight sun post 50 seths view♥☻☺

November came,bringing brutal snow storms with it. Lexis new power has come in handy. It has been me and lexi,no break ups,no fights,for two months. Shes been so happy! I loved seeing her smile every second of the day. We were at lunch and the principle came over the intercom saying,"hello students!!I just wanted to remind everyone that our winter formal is this friday,so get together and have a great time!" I smiled and looked at lexi. She blushed and i couldnt wait. Id get to see my love…


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midnight sun post 49 lexis view♥☻☺

As if boys werent enough of a problem,i learned the vampire,zefron,loved me. Well,i didnt share the same feelings for him. Zefron hissed at his dad. "Oh,zefron,please,we do not hiss at our fathers,"his father warned him. Zefron looked at me with a pleading look. Seth growled at zefron. "Please,i do not know what my father is saying,"zefron said. "Zefron,do not cower to these..dogs,you told me just yesterday that you loved this girl..thing..whatever she is,"zefrons dad said. "Hey,dont talk…


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midnight sun post 48 lexis view♥☻☺

I got in the room and cried. I pulled on shorts and a shirt. I didnt notice it was seths. Seth walked in and his eyes widened. He was at my side in a second. "Whatd he do,"seth asked me. "I dont want to talk about it,"i said and turned away from seth. Seth just sat by me and put his hand on my shoulder,comfortingly. His touch was...amazing. It brought back memories that seth and i shared....memories i loved! I turned and faced seth. He put his hand on my cheek and softly stroked it. "Im…


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midnight sun post 47 lexis view♥☻☺

I felt really bad,but enrique really wanted me to give it a try. I would never love someone like i do seth,but at this moment seth was not my favorite person. I still loved him with my heart and soul,and my love will still always grow. I was just giving another guy a chance. Seth was looking at me and the pain in his expression antagonized me. Enrique put his arm around me and i tried to smile. I failed,miserably. The bell rang and enrique walked me to class. In advanced science,our seats…


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midnight sun post 45 seths view♥☻☺

All the girls got lexi to change her mind about leaving. She stayed,but she didnt talk to me or jake. I felt horrible not just for myself,but for jake. I know how much jake loved lexi. When he found out about his sister,it was obvious he instantly adored her. And it was half my fault for all of this. I wasnt going to take all the blame,because it was partly jacobs fault to. Jake talked to me now,we both apologized to eachother,but lexi still wouldnt have it. Lexi didnt cry anymore,but it was…


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midnight sun post 44 seths view♥☻☺

Jake and i were fighting and it was the worst fight ive been in. Even out of the vampires that i fought. What made it worse was the fact that i was fighting my pack brother! "We wouldnt have to fight if you could treat you imprinte right,"jake said replying to my thoughts. "I know i screwed up,jake,i cant fix the past,im trying to move forward,"i growled in thought. "Fine,but dont expect me to let you be with my sister,"jake growled. "Alright,thats it,"i thought and let out a roar. Jake and…


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midnight sun post 43 seths view♥☻☺

More days passed and lexi still wasnt at school. All of the girls on the cheer team didnt like me. Especially,lara and vanessa! They would pass me in the halls and itd fall silent and theyd just glare at me. Lara and crysta were taking over the squad until lexi came back. After school,we didnt have practice. I tried calling lexi. It went straight to voicemail. I left her a messege. I couldnt hide the pain in my voice as i said,"hey,lexi,i really need to talk to you,or atleast just hear you…


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midnight sun post 42 seths view♥☻☺

A week went by since the accident with the vampire happened. Lexi was perfect and back to normal already. Her wound had closed fully after two days. I was sitting on the blacks front porch and jake walked out. "You alright,seth,"jake asked me in his alpha voice. Great i had to tell the truth! "No,"i said,"i let her down,jacob. I didnt protect her,she got hurt,and its all my fault." "Oh,come on,seth,dont be so hard on yourself,"jake said. "But its true,if i protected her better,she wouldve…


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midnight sun post 41 seths view♥☻☺

My love for lexi grew stronger over the next few weeks. The peaceful few weeks it was,too. No vampires,no dumb guys,no over protective brothers for lex. One night lexi and i were in my room. My mom and leah were gone. I knew lexi still wasnt ready for anything to physical,so i wouldnt try anything. We went to the livingroom and sat on the couch. We clicked on the t.v. set and watched it. We were watching this show called "pretty little liars". It was such a chick show,but it was kind of…


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midnight sun post 40 seths view♥☻☺

I was pretty upset that lara didnt like me. She was lexis best friend and who knows what she tells lexi about me. I guess i couldnt blame her though. One night lexi and i went on a date just the two of us. She was wearing the black dress she wore on our first date. She fixed the whole in it though. She still looked amazing in it,maybe even more amazing than before. She wore black heels and her hair was straight. It was silky soft. We went on a moonlight picnic. It was only 6 p.m. but it was…


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midnight sun post 38 lexis view♥☻☺

Later that night around midnight,i snuck out to see seth. I went to his house. I hopped through his window. He was up,waiting for me. I smiled and sat by him. He kissed my cheek. I blushed and he said,"my very own personal midnight sun,lighting up my darkness." I smiled and kissed him,sweetly. It ws amazing the way he made me feel. We layed down and cuddled next to eachother. "You can be my cuddy buddy,"seth said and i laughed,quietly. His lips pressed to my forehead. I fell to…


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midnight sun post 39 seths view♥☻☺

Ever since that day lexi ran to the cemetary,lexi has been sad. It was the day of the rally,so she perked up. It was fake though,i could tell. It was time for the rally so everyone went to the football stadium. Lexi got the mic and said,"hey everyone.Are you guys ready to wake up the res." Everyone cheered loudly. "Alright,well first we are going to meet the football team for this year,"lexi smiled. All the football players ran onto the field. Everyone,especially girls,cheered when lexi…


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midnight sun post 37 lexis view♥☻☺

Later that day,after practice,alicia and vana came home with us. All of us teens sat on the porch doing homework. I had to help everyone with their math. I was the most advanced in math,so i guess it was the best idea. As I was helping seth,i looked up at him and he was staring at me. "Homework,"i chimed tohim. He smiled and said,"so if x=205 then the answer is 20567." I smiled,"thats right!" I kissed him,sweetly,and finished up my homework. After we all finished we talked about our first…


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