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hidden secrets *chapter 11*

we darted around tree's just as fast as any vampire could. my heart felt like it was sitting in my throat. Aaliyah and i ran neck and neck.the sun was beginning to set. my mind couldnt settle on a plan. what if we got there and found the babies dead? what would we do then? i refused to think that way. out of desperation i let out a piercing howl. i knew that the others would hear it. my howl was the only thing that made a sound. i smelled Brittney all around me. i glanced in Aaliyah's…


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ANGELS Chapter 4

Waking up to an alarm clock was a pretty big shocker. i wanted to smash it with a hammer and go back to sleep ,but when i opened my eyes to a T.V and cherry Cola walls i realized that all of this wasn't a dream. i had school. ugh, first day of school. It was bad enough that i had to go through this once but twice?! i slid the covers off of me and trudged to the bathroom like a zombie. When i entered the bathroom i saw a glass shower,two pearl white sinks and a toilet. the bathroom was filled…


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ANGELS Chapter 3

I stood in front of them once again. The image of Steven leaving was lingering in my mind. Now I didn't care about what happened to me. They talked amoungst themselves and then it was time. Saya stood up . "we have come to a decision. You are being cast out of heaven and sent to earth. You will keep your wings and will be able to still hear and see the souls but you are only to direct the souls to me. There will be a bag waiting for you at the gates."

"is there anything you would like to… Continue

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ANGELS Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I walked up to the gates ,my heels lightly clicked on the marble smooth tiles. Below was clear Blue skies and few clouds.Steven's back was facing me. Quietly i sighed and nodded. Swirls and curving lines appeared on my skin and glowed bright gold. Thats when the gates slowly opened. Steven turned around and the breath was taken out of my lungs. he looked like he had been crying,his soft hair looked perfectly placed. his deep blue eyes just bored into mine. i tried…

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ANGELS Chapter 1






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Hidden secrets Chapter 10

i still laid on the floor. Allie had left me alone. the pups had gone with her. it wasn't that i thought my pain was worse than anyone else's. its just the fact that i was the alpha. i am supposed to keep everyone safe. i let jace go alone, i should have sent someone with him. my orders are what killed him. No one else bothered me for the night. i slept in my wolf form. i woke up early and phased back so that i could get dressed for school. i was slower than ever getting ready. everyone waited… Continue

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Blood Rose Chapter 1

The street was covered in blood. This is what SHOULD be called a blood bath. Bodies left and right. in an abandoned train station was where this killing was going on, no one would look for the bodies down here. Everyone was to scared to come anywhere near here. To dark. And with death counts rising rapidly, most people were to scared to even emerge from their houses;terrified that whatever this was ,that they were next. I sat on top of one of the broken down trains, watching the others tear… Continue

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Burning Fire Chapter 9

I opened the door to him standing there.

"are you alright?" he asked lightly.

"yeah i think so. today was just...a-lot to handle"i nodded and looked at him reassuringly. he just nodded. we walked towards the couch. he held my hand as i sat. i smiled and thanked him. i heard Jake and my mother arguing and her trying to calm Edward down. Thats when i stood back up and blew out a breath. He hopped up as well.

"do you want me to come with you?" he hesitated ,as i moved for…


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Hidden Secrets Chapter 9

We stood embraced for a long time. i made up my mind...i couldn't live without him,and i wasn't going to anymore then i already had. i looked up at his pale face as tears rolled down my cheeks. he rubbed my face and smiled at me. i tried but i couldn't. i leaned in closer to him. then just as i was about to kiss him a howl came from right next to my window. i clamped my eyes shut and bit my lip. i moved back and looked out the window. Bruce stood below me.

This reunion would have to…


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Hidden Secrets Chapter 7

We woke up the next morning to a knock on the door. Bruce hopped up and headed to the door.

"it's me" it was allie's voice .Bruce backed up and Allie stepped in. She had a suitcase in her hand. then tossed it on the ground. She scratched Bruce's head and then leaned on one foot and blew out a breath.

"okay so there's clothes for both of you in there. food,some blankets,and bottles for the little one's" she bent down and all three of them to my surprise ran over to her. I got up and… Continue

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Hidden secrets chapter 6

When i got home,my parents car was in the drive-way, i began to panic. i turned to Jace and Aaliyah.

take the pups, there's an abandoned house a little further up in the mountains. take them there. Call the other's and stay there. i will meet you in an hour.

they nodded and i slid the pups in the crease in Jace's shoulder blade. then they were gone. i jumped up and into my window and as i did i shifted and landed on my roof human. i crawled… Continue

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Soon In June <3 Chapter 2


my hand flew in front of my eyes when the sun hit my face through the white curtains . i sat up and blew out a breath. i was right. it was extremely bright through-out the house. looking in the mirror i didn't even recognize myself. i hadn't shaved in a couple of weeks so i took care of that, and then hopped in the shower.wearing khaki shorts and a white beater was an outfit i hadn't worn in a while.Today looked nice so i dressed light. Heading downstairs i already knew that… Continue

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Hidden secrets chapter 5

We sat on the couch in silence. i couldn't believe my ears. no one else could either.Brittney was crazy mean but i never thought that she would go as far as killing someone.

"SHE WHAT?!"i stood up. i felt this urge to go and kill Brittney.she needed to pay for what she'd done to us.

"how do you know?" Aaliyah cut in

"all the packs around here know. they also say that they have been waiting for… Continue

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hidden secrets chapter 4

waking up the next morning was some what painful. most of my wounds had

healed to be only minor… Continue

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Soon in June <3 Chapter 1


my window down,my stereo on low,and nothing but open road ahead.i swear,driving in my beat up classic Mercedes that smelled like leather and gasoline really made me feel like i brought a piece of home with me every where i went. even though she needed a new paint job and a tune-up i never complained. i was on leave for summer vacation from college once they dismissed us i packed my bag and headed to South Carolina. my aunt… Continue

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Werewolf Protecton Program *chapter4*

Philip never moved or changed his stance. he still bared his teeth at her.and as the black wolf made an appearance on one side of the one they called Thorne and then a gray wolf a little smaller then the other one came out as well. i didn't know what to do. i didn't know if i should run or stay where i was. and what was with Philip and Thorne. how did he know her? and how did she know him? and what was she anyway? was she a werewolf too and if she was then why wasn't she one right…


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Werewolf Protection program chapter 2

so when i had gotten my duffel back out of the carry on luggage holder i made my way down to the front of the airport. i walked to the parking lot and stood there. looking for anyone who would be starring at me. but i saw no one looking at me. i pulled the sheet of information out of my bag and looked at it. it said that once i landed that i could call this number. i pulled my phone out of my bag and began to dial . i pressed the call button and put the phone up to my ear. it rang twice before… Continue

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Werewolf Protection Program chapter 3

finally i came back from my shock . and i just couldn't believe it. i shook Antonio's hand off and put my hands up.

"whoa whoa whoa , hold on " you made me take a Plane all the way to Italy for this Bull?" i asked. i shook my head and turned around. "excuse me" i said quietly to Antonio and Philip. i ran up the stairs and into the living room. Kera was the first out after and Antonio and Philip were not far behind her. she walked up to me but didn't touch me. i was pacing back and… Continue

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Werewolf Protection Program chapter 1

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Different Love *Chapter 9*

i figured that two options were highly plausible. one, i was dead and i didn't want to cross over so i was left in the dark to wander. as most lost souls do. or two , i was dreaming and i just couldn't wake up no matter how many times i hoped and screamed in my mind. they both sounded horrible to me. i felt like death itself. like an example being made to show where recklessness and to much courage collide. like this was the consequence. to mourn over your own soul. it was hell on earth. for a… Continue

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