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same imprint chapters 4-6

Chapter 4- surprises

Alice and jasper walk in holding hands. Then, a wave of calm hit me. I looked around the room

and saw jasper smiling at me.

“Why?” I asked him.

“Well, we walked in and you got really sad so I thought I would help,” he said to me.

“Thanks. I think,” I said to him.

“Welcome, I am here to help,” he said. Why is he being nice to me? I thought to Edward.

He shrugged his shoulders. Whatever, I guess it’s cool. He smiled at that thought.

“So… Continue

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same imprint chapter 1-3


what would you do if you loved the same person as your brother? what would you do if she completed you both? what if you could not hide anything from them? if you could choose, would you choose your life or your family?

chapter one- the past

sitting in the middle of the clearing, where the stand off between the voltri and the cullens took place. i sit here thinking about the past few year. so much has happened. well we scared the voltri away and saved the cullens.… Continue

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