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my b-day catastrophe

I was about to turn 8.I decided to go to safari land(i am not being paid to do this).i invite a lot of people.Including my crush Ronny Howard.He was cute at the time and he was into sports.O.K. so it is the time of the party every one i invited was there.But my crazy mom wanted to pass out drinks when she got to my crush she spilled water all over him!!:(I was so imberest.I could not believe my eyes i wish all of that went away but no thank god he stayed!But to bad i don't like him…


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Dear readers,


i am going to write poems on this blog i will write on the title poem so you guys know.I would also like to inform you that i have a request to write a myth on my blog from my friend so you will be seeing that soon.And last i would take request from anyone for me writing anything on my blog just send me a request and i will pick my favorite so just send me a message because it is just a click…


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Vampires and Valentines day

What does valentines day have to do with vampires?Well both start with V and because when you hear both words you think red but,for  different reasons.When you think vampires you think red because you know they drink blood.When you think of Valentines day you think of red because well it is the collor of a <3.So what is another reason they are related?Well there are a couple.Like Edward he loves Bella and on Valentines day don't you think of love too?And on Valentines day like Edward I…


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