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Welcome To My Emptiness!

Please read my fan fic- Welcome To My Emptiness!

Welcome to My Emptiness.

Eliana is a vampire pixie sent to an insane asylum were she drags her feet along to call times. Then comes Jenisca, a werewolf vampire. They become friends and take on the task of escaping to the city in their home of Pennsylvania. Follow them… Continue

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Looking for a Banner Buddy!

I'm looking for someone who is good at making banners, but not on Please add me as a friend and send me some examples of your banners. I want to go 'big' with this on The Twilight Saga by making it a group and doing orders for everyone! We also may be able to do a group! :)

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Themed Party!

I need ideas for a Twilight themed party and a House of Night party! Ideas I need are:


Thanks! I mostly need one for the House of Night party, but the Twilight one will do also!

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Twilight Teasers

Ever had anyone tease you about liking Twilight? Well here are some things that have happened to me.... just in the past few days...

I have caller ID and there is a place called Summit Corp. that keeps on calling. My bro is teasing me about answering it and seeing if it was Summit Entertainment and saying "oh they want someone to play a really retarded person"

Then like 5 min. ago there was an unknown caller and my mom read off the number and as I was walking away my mom… Continue

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Making a Group

How long does it take to get ur group accepted. Yesterday I made the group and when I would type in a keyword it would show up and I would click on it and it would say group waiting approval. Today when I type in the same keyword... it is gone! How many groups can u make cuz this is my 3rd one... Do I get an alert when it is made??? Please mail me with some of these answers or post on here!

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Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart!

Happy Birthday Kristen! Today is Kristen Stewart's 19th birthday! We all wish you a happy birthday! I can't believe that you were only 17 when you started filming Twilight... Thats seems so far away... 2 years! Wow! Post here to say Happy Birthday!

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Midnight Sun and Full Moon

Yes! Those are the 2 new books that Stephenie Meyer is writing! I found out that Stephenie Meyer finished Midnight Sun and it should be released in late May - or early June. Midnight Sun is Twilight from Edward's point of view!

Im sure that lots of you dont know what Full Moon is. Stephenie Meyer is just starting Full Moon and that is New Moon from Jacob's point of view! More info to come!

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