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Feeling of a lost love

When Bella felt hurt after Edward left in New moon she couldn't watch other couples anymore. She couldn't even stand to watch movies with any type of love in it. Well... now I know how she feels. My best friend(J) is in love with the guy I'm in love with. Of course I never told her or him... so it's my own fault. Even though they can't do anything because he's too old for her. Even though she told about some of their kisses. No one knows but me. And… Continue

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Twilight, New moon Pics with a blog

Why is it that true love only happens in stories and fairy tales. I don't TRUE TRUE love. Just a best friend who I can play with and who can love me and be there for me. I'm not a girly person at all. I like paintball, horseback riding, and playing in mud sometimes. I can never pronounce Levi's right ( and no that is not asking you to tell me how to pronounce… Continue

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New moon re-write part 5

She knew she didn't sleep anymore. She didn't need the energy. She now had forever unending energy. But Bella still lay still in bed if not to sleep, then to think. Her head was filled with scary things. Things she didn't know could exist there.

Her feelings of murder towards Victoria. Her broken heart ripe with anticipation that Edward would soon be here with her. The fear when she was near Jake and his friends, no matter if they were… Continue

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I'm screaming Help : please read

"Things aren't always what they seem"- that's a good movie line. Well it describes my mom very well. She isn't biologically my mom, but I consider her a mom because she's basically the only one I've ever known. I don't want to find out about my real mom. It doesn't seem fair to her. Lately though tension has started to creep between us. First of all she's more like a really cool big sister than a mom. Second of all she's like a sixteen year old in a thirty four year old's body. While I'm… Continue

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Chaotic Choir

I like music. I like to sing. Music is a big part of my life and of many cultures. Those who have either read my profile or my other blogs know that I am in high school. I'm a tenth grader. A sophomore. Now because I like music and I like to sing I am in our school chorus. I have friends in the orchestra, in strings, in sports, in art clubs, in karate clubs, in gospel clubs, and in drama. Today I had to get up on my day off and go to a chorus concert at 9:40 am. I hate doing this, especially… Continue

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Listen and hear me.

I'm a writer. Definitely not as great as Stephenie Meyer. But most more than definitely I am as or even more that determined to become great. Unfortunately I don't have help. I am fifteen and it is my dream to become an internationally famous writer. Recently I've taken up photojournalism as a hobby. But it isn't as satisfying as knowing that I've created a tale people will read all around the globe. My characters are important to me. I doubt if your reading this that you've read my other… Continue

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New moon re-write part 3

My head was spinning. My stomach was cramping with a strong need I didn't recognize. Red was in my vision. I hazily crept forward through the wood. The sun was glaring down at me. I squinted my eyes and looked around at the strong smell that had pulled me here.

"Bella?" A familiar voice said in horror. Jacob? I turned around in a circle. I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed him. He stared at me in obvious pain, shock, and sorrow. I stumbled a… Continue

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New moon re-write part 2

I screamed, it was all I could do. The fire raced through me. I grabbed for something to hold onto and heard laughter. Victoria's ugly horrid voice came into my ear.

"Like how it burns, Bella?" she asked. "This is how I felt when Edward killed James. But a wonder why he left you so alone."

So alone, I thought. I was alone. No Jacob, Edward, or Alice could save me now. More screams ripped through my throat. Hell, this felt worse than hell. I… Continue

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Self Centered

Okay, so I have this friend. Let's call her K. K is short, a little under five feet and a fifteen year old sophomore in high school. We've known each other for years. But only became really good friends in the past two years. You see her dad works with mine and they are good friends. I know her family and she knows mine. But she is very vain and selfish.

Last year she was diagnosed with the hereditary disease, I forget what it's called. Anyway. It limits what she can and can't eat. It… Continue

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New moon fanfiction

"Bella, I know you miss him but you can't be like this," Charlie said. I looked up at him innocently.

"Like what?" I asked. Though I knew exactly what he was talking about. I just didn't want to talk about it. It was hard enough to go on every day - knowing HE was never coming back. Tears were about to form so I mentally punched myself in order to stop thinking about it. Though I never truly could forget about him.

"You know exactly what I'm… Continue

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Opening veins

I feel like writing is getting harder. It was naturally hard to begin with. But now it's like nothing is coming. Inside my head I have an old dream bugging at me but I don't know how to write it down. I can picture it in my head. The characters the scene. But I can't figure out where it is and how to put it on paper.

To me, my characters are like myself. They are real people and they all carry a part of people I've met and seen as well as a part of me. They all have certain personality… Continue

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Beyond the Bored

i am so tired. so bored. i am home alone babysitting and i feel as though my eyes are going to start bleeding. It's raining where i am and i just stopped playing a game of monopoly with my five year old and ten year old sisters. it's quiet. my 10 year old sister, S, is picking at her toes. While my 5 year old sister, A, is playing on the computer. there is only the sound of Chinese strings on you tube and rain. Rain rain rain and more rain.

i love the rain. don't get me wrong. it's one of… Continue

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Alive again

I swear no one know's the real real world anymore. I'm so confused by it myself. Bella went through this whole thing with edward of getting together in Twilight. Then there was the break up in New Moon. That and Eclipse worry me the most. Because I have a friend, T. Whom I love her very deeply. She is a bit older than me by a few months. We are both in high school and both sophmores. Her boyfriend is a senior.

Now this wouldn't be a real big problem if they weren't so "in… Continue

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