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before morning

Night time

Dreams. It’s the place and the time where you can believe in everything. You can believe that there is Edward for you, that there is your best friend Jacob who will come to visit you in the morning. You try to believe that when you wake up it’s not going away. You close your eyes and…


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Midsummer night.

It's Midsummer night coming. There are blossom everywhere and life is beautiful. 


All nature is filled with love and force of magic.




Those are the white nights. When there is no darkness in the night. Whole night is twilight. And Dawn is coming…


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Need to find someone to love

It's realy strange. It's been a year since I was separeted from man I love. And I'm not in love with anyone right now. And it's so depressing. I don't see reason for living. I don't have one. Although I have family and I have my studies, and I have my fantasies, I don't see reason. There is nothing I want to do. There's nothing I want to become. Just alone in my depressing life. It seems like everyone has something to do. Something to live for. Everyone dreams of something. But I got…


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a present

My dear brother surprised me on my birthday - he gave me a Robert Pattinson callendar, I was so happy. I didn't even know I had alway secretly wished to hang something like that on my wall, but I didn't have guts because I thought it was childlish and silly, but now it's a gift and ofcorse I can hang it and if anyone makes fun of it I can just screw them and say that is a gift from my brother - booya!!



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New Moon movie..

Finally I saw it!!! And it was so totally grate! Million times better than Twilight the movie... Loved it Loved it loved it.... And I want more of it.... I just need more... Hmm... yea... and although I'm all for Edward but Taylor looked so cute and ''sort of beautiful", that I just began to change my mind...

SO i Just - L.O.V.E this movie!!!

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Sometimes I think it would be better if we couldn't feel at all!
All the worries and heart aches... Why do we need them...

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this feeling inside

I cried and I cried

There were nights that died for you baby

I tried and I tried to deny that your love drove me crazy, baby

If the love that I got for you is gone

If the river I cried aint that long

Then Im wrong, yeah Im wrong, this aint a love song…


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The same.

Twilight, twilight, twilight....

It's coming now hear in Latvia... The twilight hour... I love twilight! especially in summer - it's very warm, sun has just set and all the night birds are waking...

In this hour it feel like you can believe anything... It is the hour when to read and reread The Twilight Saga... In this hour you can believe that vampires really exist and your Edward is waiting for you somewhere...

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a place to hide

when I realize, that my dreams won't come true so soon, I've got a place to hide... this place is in twilight... when i was reading and when i'm rereading books i forget about everything - i forget about my sorrows, i forget about clouds and wet snow that is holding spring away. All i can think about is Bella and Edward. Edward is so grate. It's pity that in real world men like him doesn't exist ... I don't mean the looks, i mean personality... or is there? i hope there is and women who are… Continue

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