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To Our December-sneak peek

  Blake stared out at the night sky. Rain droplets trailed down the glass. He could feel Kira's eyes on him, almost in a passionate way. Then, she quietly crossed the room to him. The dancefloor below them was too noisy and…


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Dear Blake-from kira-to our december

Dear Blake,

I feel so empty inside. You were like , the male incarnation of me. You weren't like everyone else-always partying,clubbing, and shopping. you brought out the true kira in me  . the one that only my three best friends know. i still love you even though every time i say that to myself, it…


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to our december- meaning of title

The meaning of to our December is related to

Taylor Swift's Back to December. If things had got any worse at the snowing river scene between blake and kira,it would have been like the meaning of the song. but in the end, they realize that they can't always have a rough, playful relationship like they used to. Especially since they only have five years left together, and then they have to go their separate ways. They get serious over each other at the river scene and realize that they… Continue

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To our December- preface

A light snow fell. I ran past the barn,through the ring, and into the woods, in an aimless direction. My legs and ankles began to get cut. The ground stung my bare feet. I stumbled over a log, but continued running. I didn't care if he saw me run. Or if he tried to find me. My dress whipped wildly around my knees. I saw the river and darted to it. I sprang over the steep bank, landing harshly in… Continue

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