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A bump / curve ball in the road!! Keep writting!!

TO all the friends I have made on here and for all the stories I so love to read!! I would like to ask you all to keep your chins up, heads held high and remember love who you see in the mirror every morning BE TRUE TO YOURDELVES!!!

I have sent this to some and others will see it as a blog. As some of you know I have not been well and as we all know life LOVES to hand you a curve ball.

Well my friends life has handed me one of those real big sliding curve balls. As of Monday…


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Am I seeing whats to come or is it wish-full thinking??

I keep seeing a house in the mountains and trees. With people I do not know yet somehow I do know them and feel sovery comfortable with them. I am confused as I am not sure if I am seeing something for myself or if it is some kind of dream, a daydream, or just a longing.

Weired thing is Tony is not there, yet my middle daughter is. She is close by somewhere. It's like we went somewhere for a visit she is doing one thing and I am at this house. We are staying in a hotel, yet I am…


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Peace Love And Friendship

I have always said this Peace Love and Friendship! I have wish for people to see others from the inside not the out side shell.... I am not a hugh fan of tatoos yet I have always wanted to get a tatoo of a dove yellow rose and olive get it. Never found anything I liked enough to get.

I have always treated people like they have been my friends forever and for me that works to some degree. I am a country girl stuck in the city where people are afraid to say Hello. They…


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More books maybe history on Volturi.... True Blood????

I understand the reson of waiting on "Midnight Sun" yet it is great what I have been able to read what was there. I found out about this book by Mrs Meyer's web site, and to be honest really upset that someone would leak it so that the rest of now have to wait for this SET of books, Love the short book on Bree and hope that maybe there may be more books about the history of the volturi, like how they came to be where they are. Maybe something about Fred, or maybe even more on the Cullens…


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Finished The Short Life of Bree Tanner

Ok to be honest I read part of it twice...... Yes I will read it again. I liked the way she told of Bree and filled in some parts that were missing. By reading this you have a better understanding of newborns and what it was like for Bree herself. In a real way you do feel differently about Bree and the others, yet to be honest it also leaves ya hanging as to what happened to Fred. Will he find out the truth would he ever meet up with the Cullens? I would love more history on the Volturi how…


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The Short Life of Bree Tanner

Just got back from book store with the book The Short Life of Bree Tanner...... Will let you know in the morning (later this morning) how it was!!!! And no I did not win the plate AWWW~!!!!!

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