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Crazy Day...

Nine o’clock in the morning, my mother told me to wake up. I still want to sleep because I have slept for only seven hours, unlike the past days that sleep for 12 hours. I just told myself to wake up because I need to go to Valsci at 10. I ate three hotdogs, not really hot, and drank milk. I bathed for 20 minutes and dressed up for 10 minutes. I checked my things, mp4 on the right front pocket of my jeans, five 100 peso bills on the left, and lens case and lubricant, eyedropper, powder,… Continue

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Sorry II - Forgiveness on Christmas

I told you already about my story, but it’s only the past that I must forget. It’s just a nightmare that I should keep in my mind. It’s just a memory that must be vanished away.

Others may think I am strong but they don’t really know me. I’m such a coward. I’m not afraid of anything except for spiders. This is not the big deal. I’m a coward because I cannot express my feelings easily. I cannot tell others what I want. I don’t have the courage to even say “sorry” for what I’ve… Continue

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Pink Princess, Blue Duchess, Green Marquise, Red Empress…

Tan, Romero, Ignacio, Ornido…

TRIO… literally, it means three, but then, our sisterhood consists of four members… we are happy with each other… we understand one another… we enjoy the company of each other… we eat lunch together… we review the lessons together… we help each other… we say our secrets… we always think of something to do…

We have translated a song…… Continue

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My Lucky Day...

Oh my!!! We’re late! My brother and I kiss our mother goodbye at exactly 15 minutes before 7 am. We are half-running and we ride on a pedicab to lessen the time of travel. Then, my brother and I were talking until the pedicab stop on the terminal of the tricycles. Oh, no! There, the handsome white creature appeared in front of me before one of my feet step out of the vehicle. I will never forget this serious face, a face that reminds me of something. Something I can’t explain. And it seemed… Continue

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Sorry, a simple word that is full of meaning. We always hear someone saying that he is sorry for what he have done that affected others badly. But is that simple word can change one’s own life? Well, I have something to tell you about saying sorry to someone I hurt almost half a year ago.

When I became a third year high school student, I noticed a boy that is always happy talking with my other classmates. That is the first time I met him or maybe I saw him before but didn’t mind his… Continue

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