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today was school..

wouldnt it be so much fun if when i was sitting in the cafeteria at school the cullens walked by the window and looked all gorgeous or something but .. that would not happen... sigh... it would be sooo much better if it did.

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today is wonderful :D

soooo i totally had a blast today! i had worked and gone to the movies and now i am at home thinking about the upcommin breaking dawn and how i am waaay excited tho i hate the fan made trailers i find myself watching them anyways just cause i need more twillight (stephenie meyer please write midnight sun i will kiss your feet if you do)

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fun fun fun

today was a fun day with school and work and crush and work lol hahaha so ya it just was awesome too bad the dude dosent like twilight.. eep! i dont know if i should even like him then!

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dear alice,

he is gone i am all alone he has left me and i cant think of anything but him help me alice. my edward is gone and he has left me to the wolves.

no copyright issues here my boyfriend just broke up with me and i have no one and am quite lonely but i shall try to enjoy my renesme(son lol) and deal with stuff alone..

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divorce day

today i got divorced.. now i am free to dream about edward carelessly.. hahahaha

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Dear Alice

dear alice, i know how bella felt when edward left her alone, the only difference is that edward left her in the woods wheras i was left at home in my room with only a computers solace, for the longest time i sat still and unmoving and then the tears came.. silent at first then in a torrent. i am utterly alone and i very much need a jacob

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thanksgiving with edward

today i brought my boyfriend to thanksgiving with me. it was his first time meeting my family. i was thinking how interesting it would be to bring edward to that kind of family event and what would happen..

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the lunchroom

have you ever sat in the lunchroom and wished the cullens had their table and were there?!!

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another boring day at work today and wished i was at home reading twilight.. boo and harry potter and the deathly hallows was really cool so its making me want to read that instead..

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my facebook fan page for twilight vs. harry potter.

so i was on facebook the other day after the harry potter premire thinking how much better of a job they did on making their books into movies than the twilight series has. This sparked an idea to create 2 fan pages, one for twilight and 1 for harry potter. I'm not saying that i did not like the twilight movies, but i am seriously hoping that in the next movie the acting and special effects look alittle better, mostly with how much kristen stuart sucks.. i wish that i could meet her and she's… Continue

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