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bella i love you

Added by isabella cullen on March 7, 2010 at 8:13am — 1 Comment

Resame and Jacob:the answer

resame:so jacob what did the guys say?

jacob: well they were complacated.

resame: like what kind of complicted

jacob: well they were arguing and we all got in a wolf fight.

resame: so there answer is?

jacob: well they said"yes".

resme: yay so whenare we going to get marred?

jaob: how about next week?

resame: ok great i will tell every one

weding day:

jacob: so will you marry me?

resame: yes.

preacher: now you may kiss the… Continue

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Resum and jacob: Porposal?

Resume: Hello, Jacob, what is it that you wanted to talk about?

Jacob: Resume, Ive thought long and hard about this. But, ive decided. Will you marry me?

Resume:*stare* hold on, how old are you again?

Jacob: um, 36.

Resume:*nods* and how old am i?

Jacob: 20....

Resume: soooo.....

Jacob: Well, age means nothing to me? So, other then that what eles is there?

Resume: You were in love with my Mother! DUH!

Jacob: other then that?

Resume: You smell… Continue

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edward and bella :the move

edwared: so bella what did you wont to talk about? bella: will you marry me? edwared:?what bell:so whats your answer? edwared:well im confused ant i suppose to ask you that queston? bella:well yes but im ahead edwared :ok i will marry you bella: yay i am so exited weding day: edwared : o no i for got the ring bella: thats ok just kiss me ok so then they lived happely ever after i think bella: hay edwared edwared:what bella ? bella: well i am pregnet edwared: what the hell ?

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edwared is so hot he is like you melt when you see him so many people like him well of corse they do.There are milions of people that have clubs for if you love edwared cullen then blog about it.

Added by isabella cullen on March 4, 2010 at 4:33pm — 1 Comment

twilight info

omg ECLIPSE is comeing out in june on the 30th yay.

Added by isabella cullen on March 2, 2010 at 7:39pm — 1 Comment

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