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Please don't call him RPattz

It's media.
It's rude.
It's just wrong.

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Vanity Fair is smitten and I like it.

Here's one article I liked a lot and hope to see more of the same. Keep us up to date and happy with lots of news!

Thank you Vanity Fair.

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Eclipse date

June 10! Either I have my head buried in the sand or, more likely, I just didn't look in the right place. I know what I'll be doing in June, then.

From IMDb:

Eclipse will be a great one for both Edward and Jacob fans alike.

And then there's Breaking Dawn:

Not… Continue

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Right on!

Yay! How fun is this?

Am thrilled with their great and terrible it must be to be so sought after and idolized I'd go nuts and need therapy if it was me or anyone in my family. A whole team of psychiatrists. Keep it together you three...and all your co-stars… Continue

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Nice Moves Taylor!

I've seen a lot of SNL monologues...more than negative eighteen years' worth, I can tell ya and Taylor's is one of the… Continue

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Favorite YouTube Clip?

I can't decide but this one stands out for me...

' />

It's really interesting to me to see an actor so naturally unegotistic, if that's a word. I remember Kristen saying in one interview that Robert is too honest. It… Continue

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More than a little sideways in speculation

It's just pure greed to want more of a good thing. So greedy am I, in fact, that I've done some of what a lot of fans are doing. I'm writing it down, creating more of it on my own, letting my fantasies appear in Verdana, to continue the saga as a respite before reading the books again for the umpteenth time.

I've had some time to create a few branches on the tree that is the Twilight Saga, this example is just a few thoughts about one of the Forks inhabitants...not mentioning any names.… Continue

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"I'm nearly a hundred and ten. It's time I settled down."

Dear Twilight Family,

So many questions about the novels are surfacing right now.

It's amazing to me that these four books could inspire such debate...the forums are bursting with activity and it's now over 3 years since the release of Twilight. It makes me wonder how many people like myself came into the story… Continue

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Since Twilight

First of all, thank you Stephenie. I'll pretend you'll read this one day and just so you know...I don't follow what King says with worshipfull devotion, even though I believe him the best of the genre. I love what you did. Your imagination created new ideas about vampires that were plausibly presented...I believe you did as well as Rice in creating a new atmosphere surrounding an old legend.

I've been exploring this site off and on for a couple of hours today and like what I see.… Continue

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