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Seth Journal

Jacob and Sam are always fighting over whether or not La Push or Bella come first. You know Jacob is cool and all, but you can't let your emotions come first. You have to be selfless in a situation like this. It isn't whether or not we ought to protect Bella, but it's our home and Forks that we need to take care of first. As for that old truce, my job is not to keep people safe from vampires that won't hurt them. That truce is over! The only reason I lost my dad is because when the Cullens… Continue

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My Daily Rants and Raves About Seth

"Jacob and Sam's desires conflict with each other."

"That confidence Seth has, I think, has to really be in the person playing him." - Thought about the actor

"It really bites when you let life happen to you. You can't change the world, but you can change the way you live in it." - Seth

"Only a few people can keep on walking forward after their father's death like Seth."

"He wants to make sure things will be different from now on. That's why he's so… Continue

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Interview with Elli-Po

Seth In Mike's word's

From Mike’s perspective this is the way he see’s Seth, the way he’d like to bring this character Alive.

Elli-Po(takes pen out and notebook, puts on reporter glasses! Gives Mike the serious reporter stare!): Mike we assume you’ve researched this character r and were wondering if you were able to bring this character to live for millions of fans how would you describe Seth to us?

Mike (sits back in chair while laughing at Elli-Po): Well, I… Continue

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My Seth

gangly build (im doing an awful lot of swimming)

-15yrs old

-hasnt had a growth spurt

-spiked hair

-looks like jacob black? some ppl disagree

-im native american

-runt of the werewolf pack

-child like sincerity

-i honestly dont think he's 'very' gentle like a lot of ppl stress, sometimes ppl make him seem really 'nice' but he's not. he's sincere about justice. if he has to put his foot down and fight he will..if it means having to fight with the cullens… Continue

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the role of seth clearwater

ok so yeah im working on looking like seth clearwater. im doing an awful lot of swimming. everything is going really well. gangly build. so 15yrs old, hasnt had a growth spurt, spiked hair, looks like jacob black? some ppl disagree. im native american. cherokee-apache to be exact. i figure if taylor cant fill in the height of jacob well so can i appear to be the 'runt' of the werewolves. i figure, in the film, seth not ought to be taller than jacob or ne other of the werewolves. and i found out… Continue

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