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New Moon vs. Twilight

I have to be honest. Saw New Moon and the one thought that kept going through my mind was...Twilight was better. I can't help it! I know they had a bigger budget and new director, blah, blah, blah, but I just thought the first movie was as intense as the book. With New Moon I was laughing through half the film whereas when I read the book New Moon, I was crying my eyes out! The soundtrack and score for Twilight is even better than New Moon's. So what was the difference?

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Alice's Vision and Edward's Body

OK, did anyone else think that Alice's "vision" of Bella as a vampire was just a little weird? I mean, come on, like Bella would ever frolic in the woods and she definitely wouldn't wear that dress.

Another weird thing...did anyone notice that one of Robert Pattinson's nipples was bigger than the other one? It's like, after staring at Jacob through the movie and then seeing Edward's, you notice all the flaws and that just bothered me. A lot. I like symmetry.

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My Stephanie Question

I wish Stephanie had answered my question because it's something I have wondered did her sister Heidi feel after she read about her character? I don't know if I would be offended if I were her, or flattered. Curiouser and curiouser.

I have also been wondering about the whole "Bella on her period thing?" Does Edward stay away from her then? How does Jasper survive high school being around all those menstruating females without tearing into them all?

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New Moon Wardrobe

I'm not very happy right now because I purchased a shirt to wear each day of the week next week for the premiere of New Moon and our school is having a major visit from the head honchos on Tuesday so I can't wear one of my shirts and show my Twilight pride. Grrr!

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Be Careful

When you try to find the answer to Phase 4 of the "What Drives Edward" contest online, there are a lot of websites that have posted the answers, but they have embedded a virus into their webpage so that when you click there they infect your computer. It's a serious virus and their goal is to take down Twilight fans. So be careful. If you want to know the answers, its:







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