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Outfits from all my stories

This is Michaelas 1st day to school

Here's is samanthas 1st day to school

Here Is selenas 1st day to school

Here… Continue

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New ch.4

Please comment

I woke up with the sound of my alarm I walked out of my room to the bathroom across the hallway I hate sharing a bathroom with my brother but their was no other option on my way I notice my brother wasn't awake yet so I decided to get my payback from yesterday (wajajajajaja). So i sneaked into his bedroom and I jumped over him while screaming he waked up immediately he had a scared look on his face I couldn't stop laughing I just scared the hell out of my 17 year… Continue

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Finding a light in the darkness ch.1

I opened my eyes and saw the the sunshine coming through the window. I couldn't take this anymore my hole body was in great pain I couldn't take it. Maria was a really bad person I dong know how come my dad trust her I just hope he could be here to protect me but I know that it impossible. I'm sure that the only thing that was keeping me alive was my boyfriend Robert I knew that what we had was special well atleast that's what I felt and I'm for sure that he feels the same way but I hated to… Continue

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new ch.3

i was about to tell Jesse that i didnt love him but for my luck his parents arrive just in time and my phone started ringing i excused my self and answered it


-Micheale were are you why arent you home yet

-sorry aunt Georgia ill be right back

-no its okay baby girl i just wanted to make sure you were okay

-well thanks auntie anyway ill be right back

-bye baby girl

-bye aunt

closed the phone

i loved both my uncle and my…


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Finding a light in the darkness (my new story) Preface


-I looked into his eyes and I knew his the one for me in that same instant I knew that i loved him that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him

He grab my head with his hands and kissed me I kissed back obviously and I hold tight to his brown hair he grab me by the waist we could have stayed in that position for ever but we had to take a catch of our breath

After our kiss we just sat their in the top of the hill admiring the stars

My phone… Continue

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