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went to see the company shrink........

I went today to see the company shrink and found out i'm dyslexic, and i could not shut my mouth .

I just see the answers to why am i so deferent. and why i was in special ed and never went on to collage.

I know i can read but not out load and it takes a bit longer then every on els for me to ketch on to something.

So basically i have been hating myself and citing myself up thinking something is seriously wrong with me to find out now after 10 years that i was…


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Seeking advice once again

I just got an invite to go to a class reunion. I was bullied in to deprecion until i tried killing myself when i was 13 years old. and when i told them i am not going to relive that hell being in the same room with people that teased and beat me up every day and make my life misereble for years. they said i should learn to forgive and forget. Why should i forgive them, but i wish i could forget them. So do you think i should go.

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Why am i here

all i want to do is sit in a corner and pull my hear out. I don't have any patients at all and i'm bigging to grow tired of waiting for something that might happen in the future. I am already broken beyond repair i walk around whit a an ice box where my heart used to be. I try to fool people and usually it works but others see right true me and chose to run away. I alway's manage to scare every one away when they see the whole in my chest but i still wonder when i am here around every one why… Continue

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Temptation, my own personal hell

I just started my new job about 4 weeks a go.I work now as a resort rep, my job basically i meet the guest and market the resort. So a few days a go i was standing in the hotel lobby trying to get the managers attention about a complaint from a guest. So i looked over to the guest that was checking in so i can greet them and escort them to the room.And there he was just staring at me and smiling. I forgot what i was about to say to him and his family. fortunate for me the manager called me in… Continue

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reading about the person in a book is sometimes like looking at your reflextion

Hi every one
I just got to chapter 12 of new moon and while i'm reading about poor Bella i couldn't help but feel sorry for her.
I remember first love and passing true the same state of depresion. It was hard geting to school or even getting out of bed. and reading this book has made me see what i realy felt like during those dificult day's.
But still i have a feeling in this story might have a happy ending for Bella.But for me i sometimes think that destiny was made…

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