The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 4 Nessies baby

Renesmee's POV

I sat there for hours and hours admiring my baby.Everyone got their turn holding him. Edward Jacob looks just like his father, but pale, like me. Jacob was taking care of business with his pack. I know he didn't want to leave but he had to assure the pack that the EJ was not dangerous.

Mom and dad came in after a while and sat in front of my.

"Nessie, there is an important matter that we need to make clear with you at the moment," He… Continue

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Chapter 3 Nessies baby

Edward's POV

"Sweetie, are you okay?" Bella asked Renesmee. She tore her eyes away from her baby and looked at Bella. "Mom, you know very well that I am better than perfect." Nessie smile became HUGE. I was happy for my baby, now that she was, all the depression in the house had faided away. Bella's head shot up to me. I furrowed my eyebrows. She widend her eyes and her mouth popped open.

"Love?" I asked. She walked foward to me, but Nessies hand stopped her… Continue

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Chapter 2 Nessie's baby

He took my face in his hands to cradle it. Before i could assure him i was better; he interrupted with a kiss.

He pulled away as soon as i started gasping for air. I looked at his tear stoke cheek and he smiled at me.

We were alone with our baby. My family left us, so we could have our moment.

"Ness. im.. so happy. I can explain this.." He pointed to his eyes that had more tears coming from them.

I smiled; he was being rediculious now. "No, there is no reason for you to… Continue

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Nessie's baby

The beggining of this story's on my site if you want to see it!

I took a deep breathe and open my eyes, only to find the angel face baby looking into mine. He was beautiful. As beutiful as my mom and dad. And Jacob. And Emmet. And aunt Rose and Alice. And Jasper. Even Grandma and Grandpa. How was this a possibility with Jacob and I? How did this beautiful baby hurt my insides for six months, and yet im better then okay today?

I lifted my arms to hold my little EJ for the… Continue

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