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My life before I was a Cullen.

I will never forget that summer for as long as I live. The summer where I found the love of my life, I was givein the thing that I needed to seek my life long dream then lost it, the summer I lost my best friend and my life changed completely.. It was the summer of 1973, in which I had my 17th birthday party, were I had all my closest friend's and family by my side.. Back then we didn't have all of the cool…


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Renesmee Cullen. 1

As the Sun came up I woke up to the smell of mourning dew and mom's

lilac bush. I got out of bed and made my way down the stone stairs to find my

Mom and Dad already awake and reading Aunt Roselie's latest novel.

" Good Mourning Renesmee." My mother greeted me. " Good mourning.

How are you liking Aunt Rose's new novel?" I asked sitting down on the

Velvet couch and grabbing my Kindle. " Well I am finding it very moving

and very desciptive. ' As the water trickles…


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Renesmee Cullen 2.

Dad got into his ' if you take one more step I'm going to kill you' stance. I rolled my eyes,

put down the Kindle, and ran outside iggnoring my parents ' stops or you don't know what

you are getting intos'. " Ok it has been 13 years and I still have not fallen for you so just

leave before this ends badly." I said trying to be as nice as possible. I walked to him and

motioned for him to go back to his normal annouging Jacob self. " Nessie I can't do

that! I…


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