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The wild boys chapter one part one

Hey guys, so i just started this story again.... i still have to edit it, or i might start over again, thats all up the critisim i get! So tell me what you think!

It felt as though I was living a perfect life before my own personal tragedy hit and came storming down on my life. I had never gone through anything majorly catastrophic, maybe that was why I was so optimistic, nothing ever happened to me. I thought about that deeply over the last few weeks, and just came to the… Continue

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Chapter .5 of moondown

The night my mother left my step dad and fled north to canada was one of the greatest days of my life.

But it was also one of the scariest as well.

All my life I've lived in the city of Cleveland, my mother worked as a receptionist at a local law firm and I was in my third year of high school. My mother and I never gone out of our city, ever. My step dad wouldn't allow any venturing, and if ether my mother and I had tested him, the discipline would be swift.

My Mom had been… Continue

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Jacob Black, Oh Jacob Black- i do love you!

Edward Cullen, sexy, myserterious, lustful, and completly perfect. Bella's perfect match, and why wouldn't they be nothing less then perfect. Surley nothing less would do for godly Edward, and for us readers, it has to be perfect.

But what about Jacob? Most of the readers dont even like Jacob because he was such a problem in Bella's and Edwards relationship. He had a attitute that would send most girls running away in the opposite direction but what happened when you strip him away of his… Continue

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Chapter two (needs to be re done but what the heck here ya go)

It needs to be redone, lots of mistakes and its kinda not a solid peice of work but here ya go for all my fans (lol)

Chapter two

The sun was hot, too hot to be November.

I sat down, still feeling light headed from the drink Declan had told me to take. I took in the scenery, the trees we’re the tallest I’d ever seen and the grass was green and long. Small little bumble bees buzzed around the meadow, probably taking nectar from the purple and blue flowers that grew… Continue

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Chapter one- Birthday wish

Nineteen white and green waxy candles brilliantly burned atop of my green frosted cake which read in lavender writing “Happy 19th Livy!” I inhaled the smell of the burning candles and savored the smell, which sent my saliva glands into frenzy. Nothing in the world smelled better then birthday cake or tasted better in my opinion. Before blowing out my candles and making a wish I looked around at the two most important people in my life. Declan Killian and Bradley Walkar sat around me both… Continue

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