The Twilight Saga

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Tribute to Twilight

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen and Isabella Marie Swan were falling in love. It is most significant to know that the two teenagers would be sitting outside at dusk, talking and watching the rain and darkening sky. A passerby might have bean struck by the young man's good looks, but the scene was otherwise and ordinary. But the two teens shared a secret- Edward was a vampire.

Edward loves Bella and wants to protect her, that's everyone's fantasy. The part of the story i like is the fact that… Continue

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you MADE me love you

Try to listen to Kim Chui's song entitled "Crazy Love". I always felt that way. I always knew that we could never be and i don't know why i kept holding on to him. He is the only one who could make me smile no matter how bad the situation was. He means every little thing to me. The only man i ever loved this way. We're just friends and i am at most content with that. What saddens me is the fact that we're friends only on the matters wherein he needed something. I was blinded to the point that I… Continue

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About me!

1. i am a PINKaholic!!!

2. i love, most ardently, the JONAS BROTHERS!!!

3. i love travelling, going around places.

4. i like fries or anything made out of potatoes.

5. i haven't got a sure course for college yet.

6. i am totally psyched to go to New York!

7. i am looking forward to spending every weekend at my favorite place, Greenbelt.

8. my favorite subject is english.

9. i love reading.

10.… Continue

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Finally It's Clear to Me

You used to be the only thing i think and talk about. There is not a day in this worl that i didn't think about you. My heart chose you for different reasons and one of those reasons stand out the most. You taught me how "my love is bigger than my disgust", you made me realize that you are more than what people think about you. I liked it when we were friends, but i even loved it when you trusted me with your secrets and opened up to me your every complaint. I love you more and more everyday.… Continue

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