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Just Because Your My Mate Doesn't Mean I Like You.

Hey guys!!!! So I have been thinking about this new idea for a story!!!! Tell me what you think about it!!!! I hope you like it as well!!!!






Just Because you’re my Mate Doesn’t mean I like You.


Chapter One:  


“ No!! please… Stop! Don’t hurt them” I shouted in my dream, but this wasn’t a dream… this was a nightmare… THE nightmare. I jolted up…


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summer reading?!?!

Hey guys!!! so i want some good books to read over the summer!! and i am kind of running out of ideas on what to read!!! so it would mean a lot to me if you could comment some books down below that you liked!!!! 




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Hey guys so i just wanted to say that i hope every one has a safe and happy christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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new adnventure or new life? CHAPTER 5

Cloes POV:

Today was the day that mike and i were leaving. I knew this we going to be hard because mom would be crying her eyes out as if we were never going to see her again. And i was right she was crying her eyes out but we were leaving in two hours so she was cooking while crying.

" OH mom it is going to be okay we will visit on breaks you know that"

" i know i know............" my mom said sobbing while she made herself breakfast." Its just it isn't going to be the…


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new adventure or a new life?!?!?!?! CHAPTER 4


once we got inside the house i idmeatly went stright for the stairs to claim my room even though i wouldn't be in that lond because of the boarding school but i still wanted my own room here! Once i looked through all the rooms i claimed the one that had the best view so that was down on the hall on the right and once you entered the room all you can is the ocean and that is just what i liked about the room! I didn't bother on unpacking my things because that means i…


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new adventure or a new life: CHAPTER 3


When the plane took off for Califronia i decied to take a nap.


when cole decied to take a nap i decied to talk to mom and ask her how we are going to break the news to Cloe about how are school is diffrent. " so i am going to be the one to tell her right?" i asked just trying to clarify things. " yes Mike you are going to tell just be sure to come right out with it." my mom said." ok i understand" i said trying to figure…


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new adventure or new life: CHAPTER 2

Cloes POV:

I can't believe what Mike just told me. I was in shock for a while i didn't say anything and when i did it sounded like i was wisphering.

" so you are a warwolf? why didn't you tell me before? does that mean i am one?" i asked sounding scared

" yeah i am a warewolf i have been sence i was 13 ( he is 16 now) and i wish i could tell you but mom didn't want me too she thought that you wouldn't trust us anymore. And no you are not a warewolf."



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hey guys i thought i would wish you a happy/spooky halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P:P:P

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new adventures or a new life?!

Cloe's POV


" I AM UP I AM UP" i jumped when my alram clook blared" ughhhhhh i don't want to get up" i groaned. I laded back on my pillow and feel alseep when i got back up and looked at the alarm clock i saw that it was 9:30am. " Oh crap i am going to be late for school" i herd my self saying. As i went to my closet I grabed what ever i could find that was clean and ran downstairs." Hey mom" i said…


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secrets: chapter 1

**adams ponite of view**

adam walked into the room half alseep.

" what's wrong joe? it is 3 am?" i asked sounding anoyed but mostly sleepy

" i think we have a problem about the SECRET" joe said sounding worried

" what do you mean joe i thought you said no one would ever found out about our kind i thought you said we were all safe?" i said worringly

" well i gues i was wrong, somone found out where we have been hiding our leftovers and called the police now…


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pretty little liars?!?!?!?!

ok so i am obssed with pretty little liars i have read the whole book series and i know what is going to happen next in the series. so pretty little liars returns january 3 i think so what do you think is going to happen to hannah? leave a comment down below if you agree that they should start playing new pretty little liars???

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