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Chapter Six: Bella's POV

Chapter Six

Bella’s POV

Dreamless sleep…I wish. Though this nightmare was different from the one before. The one I had so many numerous nights before. That dream was a nightmare due to the harsh reality that I was alone. Tonight’s nightmare had nothing to do with…Edward, or the lack there of. That alone was progress. However, I wasn’t so sure I preferred this new alternative. This was a nightmare in truest form on account of the absolute terror it evoked within me. This dream painted… Continue

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Chapter Five: Victoria's POV

Chapter Five

Victoria’s POV

Just one wolf! One measly mutt was all that stood between me and my long awaited vengeance now. I was easily able to get past the other four wolves with the help of my newest creation, Riley. Getting past those dogs was easier than I expected to be and I was thrilled my plan had worked. Two weeks ago the weather was infuriatingly sunny in this miserable town and I was forced to hide out in Seattle for a few days waiting for the clouds to return. I made use… Continue

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Chapter Four: Jacob's POV

Sorry, no chapter title for this one yet. In trying to stick with my song themed chapter titles I am at a loss for this one, and totally up for any suggestions! Also, I finished this chapter in kind of a hurry and without much editing, so hopefully it came out alright and I might have a few changes later. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter Four:

Jacob’s POV:

What just happen? Did Bella just kiss me? I could still feel the warmth from her kiss on my lips. I stared after her… Continue

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Chapter Three: Almost Lover

Inspired by the song Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy

Bella’s POV

Four Years Earlier:

I could slowly feel myself slowly awaking into consciousness. I let my eyes flutter open and then shut them back quickly against the sunlight coming in through a window in the far side of the room. Where was I? My throat was dry and scratchy from the salt water. I tried to open my eyes again, slowly this time, allowing my eyes to adjust to the light. I let my eyes wander around… Continue

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Chapter Two: Tears of An Angel

Inspiration from the song Tears of An Angel by RyanDan

Edward’s POV

The whole room began spinning around me. I felt sick, if a vampire could get sick. The emotions running through me now were even more unbearable than the past four miserable years. I fell to my knees and even though I didn’t need to breathe it felt like my breath had been knocked out of me. I pressed my hands against the floor trying to hold myself up. I could hear all the panic going on around me,… Continue

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Chapter One: Home

Edward’s POV:

I knew Alice would see me coming home and she would tell the other. I could already hear their welcoming remarks and see their joyful expressions. Carlisle and Esme would be overjoyed and willing to welcome me back with open arms. Jasper and Emmett would be pleased to have me home as well. Alice would want to know what took so long. Even Rosalie would be pleased to see me come home; though, she might not be willing to openly admit it, but I would still… Continue

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What If...

I have always been one to wonder about the "what if"s in life. I was thinking about the story of New Moon and how heartbreaking it is and what if it had ended differently? What if Alice never came back after Bella jumped off the cliff. What if she decided to move on her in life with Jacob? What then? That is where my story begins....

Obviously, I don't own Twilight, or whatnot. I'm just a fan using the story line and taking it a different direction. I used a few lines… Continue

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